Addiction to anything can sometimes cause a guilty feeling on the part of its brilliant developers. Just like the most popular networking site of today, the brains behind the marvelous creation of Facebook are enjoying the fruits of their labor considering the fact that this particular social site has tons and tons of applications that are indeed creative and intellectually-stimulating at the same time. Along this juncture, mobile applications such as the once famous Flappy Bird is somehow trying to make a huge comeback in several application stores after being in hiatus for quite sometime.

Flappy Bird, a famous game application will fly back to its millions of fans soon,

Flappy Bird, a famous game application will fly back to its millions of fans soon,

Incidentally, when Flappy Bird was deliberately pulled out from numerous online application stores many dubious copycats have sprouted to replicate the unprecedented popularity of the latter. However, they did not succeed. Meanwhile, Nguyen had previously become the subject of those morally degrading online mobs from Twitter and other article sections. Consequently, these irresponsible views had wrongfully perceived the selfless intentions of the original proponent of this very addicting application. Most probably, Flappy Bird will soon be available in your mind boggling gadgets this August.

The adrenalin pumping Flappy Bird might be addicting to some people, because they are not aware of the fact that everything in this world must be used with utmost discipline and moderation.

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