Marketing strategies define any type of business in relation to what store owners termed as economic productivity. But this has something to do with the way you deal with your growing number of clientele without any discrimination or whatsoever. In this ever-changing world of utmost convenience and modernity, the Flipkart Snapdeal seems to be the best bargain in town these days. The Flipkart Snapdeal is an Indian online and retail market that sells amazing products for as low as Rs 600

The sensational Flipkart Snapdeal is the newest online retail store in India.

The sensational Flipkart Snapdeal is the newest online retail store in India.

However, there were alleged reports that some of their customers are complaining about technical defects that somehow affect or taint the image of the newest online store in the preponderous world of cyberspace. On the other hand, is trying its very best to maintain its dominance and momentum in the field of online marketing. Despite of this allegation, the Flipkart Snapdeal has claimed that it had sold its fabulous merchandise in less than 10 hours. On the part of Amazon. com., they have not released yet their very own sales output as of this writing. In a joint statement, Flipkart’s management in the persons of Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal had proudly bragged about their sales achievements by saying,

We got a billion hits on our site today and achieved our 24-hour sales target of $100 million in GMV (gross merchandize value) in just 10 hours.

As soon as their online store begins to operate by 8:00 A.M. onwards their much sought after commodities were already sold by mid-afternoon. More so, Flipkart never gets tired of making their customers to feel at ease and satisfied with the way they are doing business in the most sophisticated ways. Interestingly, among their best-sellers are as follows: Textbooks, gadgets, watches for all ages, kitchen wares, books and lot more. Hence, to make it big in the industry of online retailing they have launched the most versatile ways of selling their top of the line commodities through their Big Billion Day Sale which had taken place a few days ago. Incidentally, it had become the biggest sale in India ever since the dawn of technological innovation. As a result, India’s e-commerce had gone up to a new level of perfection and a phenomenal stream of economic development.

In case you didn’t have any idea, the innovative Flipkart Snapdeal had established a top grossing record sale on the 6th day of October 2014. According to the keen observation of Kunal Bahl,

We witnessed sales of over a crore rupees a minute, with lakhs of products being sold in a single day.

But then again, many of its first time buyers are complaining about the slow response of the website in consonance with its failure to deliver their customers’ orders on time. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of Flipkart to live up to the expectations of their clients at all cost.

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