Millions of football fans across the globe had jubilantly celebrated the latest victory of Florida State, over its archrival the beleaguered North Carolina State with a final score of 56-41 last week. Jameis Winston threw for 365 yards and four touchdowns to finally win the game over North Carolina State. In addition to this, the winner of the Heisman Trophy has landed four straight touchdowns which in effect helped the team to be on top most specially during the last homestretch of this very exciting game of football. As a result, the invincible Florida State was able to establish an all-time high of 20 successful games.

Florida State has overpoweringly prevailed over North Carolina.

Florida State has overpoweringly prevailed over North Carolina.

Rashad Greene had exceptionally hauled a total of 11 passes for 125 yards. On the other hand, the dynamic Karlos Williams had run for three scores with a time of 2:07 left to seat it, without even saying a word. Meanwhile, Winston was deliberately suspended due to his obscene feedback on the sensitive issues about the game itself. Since he was not able to help his team because of the predicament he was into, Sean Maguire, an equally agile and talented teammate of the Florida State inched its way for an overtime. Moreover, there was another good strategy of that led FSU to bring home the bacon with so much happiness and passion in their hearts.

Jason Brisset has made a total of 359 yards and three touchdowns. Most importantly, he was able to make a few reel plays to keep the much needed momentum of the Wolfpack. In other developments, North Carolina did prevail on the first quarter of the game. The score was at 24-7. Then, the North Carolina State never gave up until the mid-part of the third quarter. This was after the third-yard scoring of Shadrach Thornton. But during the crucial moments of the game, Winston had maneuvered and directed a 71-yard drive which caused the culmination of a 15-yard scoring toss to Jesus Wilson.

To seal in the sweetest victory of all time, Williams had capped a marvelous drive of a 12-yard score. Ultimately,the Florida State was able to flawlessly execute their best game ever in the history of football. In contrast, North Carolina State was off to a good start at first. But they were not able to sustain their momentum for some reason that destiny alone can ever understand. Given this kind of situation, the NC State should be able to make another tactical strategy that can effectively unveil their inherent wits and talents to finally beat the Florida State with a 5-0 lead if possible. On the part of North Carolina, they must be able to prove that their team has all the tenacity it needs to win all over again with so much ease and perfection.

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