Flying High with Your Techie Gadgets

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Travels are human essentials which creatively reinvent human personalities with awesome uniqueness and inexpressible transfigurations. These leisure or business-related activities bring forth other kinds of exploration that allow us to discover the culture, heritage and traditions of other countries that significantly magnify our global competitiveness in a much broader spectrum. But, millions of voyagers across the globe are not that enthusiastic without having along with them their priceless and techie gadgets like their android mobile phones and laptops. For them, these innovations will make their endeavors much easier to accomplish than ever before. In the recent years, aviation authorities around the world had prohibited the use of these gadgets while inside an aircraft for various safety reasons. But today, it’s the other way around. There is a new law which solely provides for the wise use of these technological innovations during a person’s much needed escapades in and out of the county. In other words, flying high with your techie gadgets is now a dream come true for you and other world explorers alike.

The Federal Aviation Administration had finally lifted the ban against the use of laptops, mobile phones as well as other techie devices such as those efficient e-book devices, tablets, gaming systems and the likes. The only primary requisite of FAA to all airline companies the world over, is to present authenticated proofs that these electronic inventions are really much safer to operate and use, during the course of their long and winding sojourns. On the part of aircraft owners they are undoubtedly expecting an overwhelming and unprecedented approval of their longstanding request with regards to this very complex and debatable issue about aircraft and travel safety. Meanwhile, the proper handling and usage of these modern apparatuses involve the switching of these technological conveniences to their respective airplane mode settings, especially during takeoffs and landings. Flying high with your techie gadgets also means that travelers are not going to detect or get any signal from their most treasured travel buddies, most especially if they are almost 30,000 feet up in the air. If this happens, there is a tendency that they would only get drained batteries or something to that effect most particularly if the plane they are in is about to land.

People and Gadgets

The use of these modern gadgets inside an aircraft must ensure the utmost security and safety of its avid users.

On the contrary, those laptops that are much bigger in size should unfortunately be temporarily set aside because of their hazardous silicon-induced projectiles that could greatly affect the immediate responses of those dynamic aviation authorities during inevitable cases of emergencies. This was the major reason why this much controversial ban on flying high with your techie gadgets had lawfully taken effect during the 1990’s. In the Philippines, Philippine Air Line has been given the permission to allow its passengers to use their mobile phones and laptops by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, or CAAP which was announced last December 31, 2013. However, they are restricting those phone calls of all sorts as soon as plane doors are closed. Along this line, the issuance of a particular memorandum which is Memorandum Circular 52-13; provides for the terms, conditions and limitations as far as using these gadgets are concerned. Read on the succeeding sections for more details.

According to CAAP, “When the aircraft’s doors are still open, laptops and cellular phones may be used. These devices can be used to access the Internet and send and receive text (SMS) messages. Voice communications are allowed at this point. But “when the aircraft is refuelling, all transmitting portable electronic devices must be turned-off”. In addition, the said memo necessitates all PAL employees and its loyal clientele to inhibit themselves from using their laptops and other forms of broadband communications during those situations. Furthermore, if you are an MP3 player avid user, you should observe its previous laws when it comes to their usage and prohibitions, while you are flying high with your techie gadgets.

Indeed, these user-friendly communication gadgets are of great help to our travel-related activities because these marvelous human creations will make each one of us a well-informed and versatile traveler, no matter how far in the world we might be. Of course, there is no better way to ensure our safety but to use all these things with utmost moderation. Flying high with your techie gadgets has magnificently made every voyager’s journey something to look forward to until that memorable day comes.

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