The 2014 midterm elections fever had not yet died down not because of those bitter and erring candidates who did not make it in the recently concluded electoral exercise. But it has something to do with responsible journalism, fairness and objectivity. This time, it looks like one of the biggest media outfits in the world needs a lot of explaining to do insofar as an alleged violation of the regimented rules of the Exit Polls Agreement in the United States. Fox News had allegedly committed an erroneous act when they had reported an election result prior to the official closing time of precincts as provided for by US law. More so, it was also said that Fox News did that to heavily favor Scott Brown. Based on the investigative reports by Vox, it had shockingly revealed.

Fox News broke the rules for exit polls in its live coverage of election results, when anchor Martha MacCallum reported on the breakdown of how Independents voted in the New Hampshire Senate race.

Fox News has allegedly violated the regimented Exit Polls Agreement.

Fox News has allegedly violated the regimented Exit Polls Agreement.

To strongly support their claim, Vox said that Fox News’ anchor in the person of McCallum had earlier reported that their former colleague who ran for a Senate seat under the Republicans had already a 50 percent share of the votes if these were to be based on exit polls results. On the other hand, Scott’s closest opponent whose no other than but Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen had only a slim margin of 49 percent. The subsequent paragraph will explain in detail how Fox News made an electoral violation in the midst of the US election fever.

The media outlets running the exit poll want to be able to describe who’s voting, and who they’re voting for, to the public as early as possible. But they don’t want to have any influence on who ends up voting — they don’t want anyone deciding not to vote because they’ve already seen what the exit polls say, and they don’t think their vote will matter. (There’s some evidence that this happened back in 1980, when some outlets projected that Ronald Reagan would win the presidential election before polls closed on the West Coast. In some countries, like the United Kingdom, it’s actually illegal for any media outlet to report exit poll results before the polls close. In the US, it’s not illegal, but there’s a binding agreement among the media outlets that run the exit poll that none of them is allowed to leak any results before the polls have closed.

During the election campaign itself, Fox News had actively promoted Brown’s unprecedented candidacy for almost three months. To date, Fox News had re-aired a documentary concerning the comprehensive and new health care reform in New Hampshire. Vox has also accused the world famous broadcasting company of the so-called conspiracy theory between Brown’s opponent and a scandal involving the IRS.

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