Life’s most elusive ambitions can take you to those interesting places that you never thought you’ll ever be. But how does your fervent desires take you down in this thing called LIFE? In the most horrific movie for 2014, The Foxcatcher is one of the best choices of those moviegoers who want to have a taste of what genuine existence really means as they are traversing the long and winding road of endless challenges as well as their earnest search for fame and fortune. In lieu of this, there’s a kind of physical transformation which was somehow deceitful. In essence, Foxcatcher is a movie about an American who have undergone so many trials and expectations on the very day that a major dilemma will finally take place.

Foxcatcher, is one of the best horror films ever produced this year.

Foxcatcher, is one of the best horror films ever produced this year.

To begin with, Eleuthère du Pont was doing well as an oil company heir. On the other hand, the real du Pont was too preoccupied in collecting huge shells, stamps and guns to be able to make a name of his own. Did you know that the Foxcatcher is totally based from a true story? Therefore, it brews some strong visual and intellectual stimulations like no other film could ever do. This film was masterly directed by Bennett Miller and its magnificent screenplay came from two of the most world-renowned names in Hollywood like E. Max Frye and Dan Futterman. This soon to be critically-acclaimed motion picture has also embellished its intriguing storyline with two of the most inspiring fictions in cinematic history such as Moneyball and Capote respectively. Overall, this film is very much highly recommended for adult viewership not because of any explicit scene. But it is due to its numerous considerations such as it is so subtle in historical detail and it extremely overpowering as well in terms of characterization, atmosphere and the so-called chintz.

On the contrary, Foxcatcher has also some minor loopholes which might have been overlooked by its producer and director among others. One of which, was its comic relief content in some of its minor scenes. Also, it has a borderline pathetic syndrome about a man who was somewhat fighting against himself. Given this kind of a scenario, it vividly poses another challenge to its viewers about finding out the real mystifying side of the Foxcatcher. Ultimately, it also depicts in the most significant manner the narrowness of one’s world no matter how successful he is in his lifetime. Rating wise, it got an R- rating due to its obscene languages and violent acts which might not be suitable for those audiences who might accompany their loved ones although they are not above 18 years old.

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