Freddie Aguilar, the world-renowned Filipino singer who popularized the song entitled, My Child during the late 1970’s is in a rift with her daughter Maegan Aguilar. In a heartwarming statement which he had forwarded to ABS-CBN 2, the elder Aguilar said he is saddened by the fact and its unfortunate that her equally talented daughter had publicly brought their domestic problems to the press. Likewise, his daughter’s alleged accusation that he is a bad and negligent father has been denied by the widely-acclaimed singer. Despite of this shocking accusations, all that he is wishing for her daughter is all the best.

Freddie Aguilar and daughter Maegan, in happier times.

Freddie Aguilar and daughter Maegan, in happier times.

On the part of Maegan Aguilar, the reason for her unperturbed anger for her father was the mere fact that her father had kicked them out of their house in Fairview Quezon City. Based on her side of the story which she had divulged to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Maegan said that their heated argument all began with rotten vegetables and her unpaid debt of Php 1,500.

Meanwhile, Freddie has addressed this very frustrating issuer in a calm and decent manner. He said.

My daughter, her partner, and all the other people living in my house know the truth.

Along this line, Aguilar further said.

I have been supporting my 35-year-old daughter and her family for many years now and have no intention of dragging her through the mud for entertainment’s sake.

According to Maegan, his father unpredictable behavior and attitude had began to manifest when he married her teenage step mom. She said that his new wife tends to poison his father’s mind because of money. She further added that the family of his new wife is getting Php 9,000 weekly, as compared to her salary of only Php 4,000 a month for working at her father’s bar.

The worst thing of all, is that the singer/composer is keeping their food supplies in one room. As a result, her children would only eat rice and some soy sauce. Again, for Freddie Aguilar,

I wish Maegan all the best as she moves on and takes responsibility of her own life. It is because I love my daughter that I choose to say nothing more on this matter.

Nobody knows where Freddie Aguilar is going to these days. Maegan Aguilar’s accusations are hard to believe. But, at the end of the day, hoping that they will be in speaking terms again for the sake of their loved ones and most specially of their irreversible relationship as father and daughter.

Below, is the exclusive video footage of Maegan Aguilar. Watch this.

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