There are various domestic problems which have remained to be unresolved among those families who are predominantly ruled by irrational differences which tend to complicate things even more. As a result, frequent arguments arise. Needless to say, these senseless fights necessitate a much unbearable after effect most specially when it comes to health reasons. In a recent study which was conducted by medical experts, they have found out that if there are family members who are constantly engaging them-selves in altercations regardless of reasons they would most probably end your life most particularly in middle age. More so, this very shocking revelation aims at the male gender and those individuals who are unfortunately unemployed.

Medical experts significantly revealed that frequent arguments lead to early deaths.

Medical experts significantly revealed that frequent arguments lead to early deaths.

To strongly support this notable and very alarming statement, Dr.Rikki Lund further explained.

Stressful social relations in private life are associated with a two- to three-times increased risk of dying.

Likewise, frequent arguments and nonsense worrying will foster

Worries and demands from partners and children, and conflicts in general, seem the most important risk factors.

As previously mentioned, those people who unemployed tend to develop some tensions or stressful situations which often result to misunderstandings. Among those triggering factors are financial instability, unpredictable emotions and the likes. Apart from these inevitable scenarios, the sudden onset of chronic diseases, depression symptoms sex relations and gender inequalities are also one of the leading causes of heated arguments. Based on the data that was released Danish Cause of Death Registry, it was found out that the experimental participants from 2000-2011 further concluded that about 196 women had nearly died. As far as its counterpart is concerned, there were about 226 men who have died. Consequently, it was also said that among the leading causes of their deaths were the following: Cancers, heart diseases, strokes, suicides and accidents to name a few.

To resolve the occurrence of frequent arguments, there are diverse psychological interventions that are highly recommended by psychologists. These are: Cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling and family therapy.

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