A movie review is not an easy task to do. This is a taxing job to accomplish. However, if the motion picture is as good as Fury , of course to have a glimpse of it is more than watching the movie itself. From the very core of the title, there is no doubt that this is a tale about war and what it takes to win it against all odds.

Brad Pitt stars in Fury.

Brad Pitt stars in Fury.

Fury begins with a man on a white-colored horse as they were crossing a misty field. In essence, this scene looks like a mental thicket of those American Shermans and their German superiors which were widely known as the Tigers. In addition, there is one scene where Brad Pitt was tackling some issues with the rider. This time, his Nazi uniform had become evident on the silver screen. For some unknown reasons, he had placed a sharp knife in the eye of the officer. In retrospect, Fury dates back in 1945. It was in April to be exact. More so, the movie had touched the issue of Adolf Hitler to end his life in a bunker.

But as this denouement seems to be the turning point of the movie it cannot be justifiably compared to another colossal flick Saving Private Ryan. It was 16 years ago, but it had not left the hearts of millions insofar as its cinematic excellence is concerned. On the other hand, Fury bounces back with an impeccable characterization of American soldiers. To expound, these were genuine American soldiers without a shadow of a doubt. Incredibly, there was one notable film reviewer who actually joined the movie crew to one of their best chosen movie locations. Significantly, they had found out that an antiquated Sherman tank was actually used for the film. Moreover, every soldier had a very distinctive name plate for easy identification.

Meanwhile, Pitt hss perfectly portrayed as somebody who was generous; however aloof. As a whole, the entire tone of Fury can be best described as the one which had obligatory notes just like in classical movies with tragic undertones. Overall, this is a sophisticated movie that you must not dare to miss. Simply, it transcends itself from a mere war drama chronicle to a film that evolves war and peace. Moreover, it can never be denied that Fury is one of the best movies to watch because of its cinematic excellence that can be compared to any award-winning film with the same theme.

Conclusively, this is highly recommended for those people who wish to have a glimpse of how the war times had affected the ideals of those men and women who only desired for peace and progress through the years.

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