Gab Moreno: First Filipino Gold Medalist in Youth Olympics

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The statesmanship and immeasurable greatness of Filipino athletes can never be undermined by any country. Although the Philippines did not clinch the victory in the FIBA World Cup, God has opened another window in the field of archery. This priceless and prestigious achievement was courtesy of the persevering attitude of a Filipino youth whose name is Gab Moreno. Gab is the son of Federico Moreno the one and only son of TV host, talent manager and radio commentator German Moreno.

Gabriel Gab Moreno is the first-ever Filipino athlete to win a gold medal in the Youth Olympics.

Gabriel Gab Moreno is the first-ever Filipino athlete to win a gold medal in the Youth Olympics.

He has successfully conquered the odds of winning for the sake of bringing honor and prestige to the Philippines no matter what it takes to win without any inch difficulty. Due this momentous achievement of Moreno, there is a proposed resolution at the House of Representatives to highly commend the incomparable feat of Moreno in the arena which has made him an instant celebrity. Due to his unexpected win, the Philippines has proudly earned silver and bronze medals respectively. These highly praised milestone in the Youth Olympics will also be lauded by the Philippine Sports Commission through a cash incentive.

Additionally, Gab Moreno should be bestowed a Walk of Fame because he had his shining moment in the world of amateur sports. During the game itself he was able to magnify his dominating presence all throughout the final stretch of the game. Moreno was able to have numerous medals under his belt. Their team was able to beat Venezuela Germany and Malaysia. By the way, his equally exceptional teammate from China had in the same way proven his flawless dexterity which made their to shine even brighter among the rest of its global competitors. However, it was really Gab Moreno who acted as the main man and a catalyst to bring home the bacon for the glory and honor of the Philippines.

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