The Game Changer: President Rodrigo Roa ‘Digong’ Duterte

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Time passes, memories and feelings fade… In this world of change, anything doesn’t stay in place. With the remnants of our history for fighting democracy and diplomatic talk, in one swift election, our government has changed. Indeed transformed big time.

Rodrigo 'Digong' Duterte in one of his most famous gesture

Rodrigo Duterte in one of his most famous pose. A photo from Manila Bulletin.

Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Roa Duterte, the 16th President of Philippine Republic breaks the image of all the former presidents. Even before the Presidential Election 2016, people already placed their bets on Digong.

At first, Digong was not interested on running in the presidential elections. He even issued a Certificate of Candidacy (COC)– for his re-election as the mayor of Davao City– to end people’s assumption and arguments about his presidency. Several campaigns was launched by his supporters and his family to convince the then Mayor of Davao City. To show her support, Sara Duterte– his daughter– even shave off her head as a sign of support. And all this movements made sense when Duterte finally filed his COC for presidency. His platform was to spread peace and order throughout the Philippines in three-to-six-month time.

Without him in the set of presidential candidates, presidential poll scores of candidates ranges usually 1 to 3% from each other. Finally, Digong joined the candidacy and garnered almost half of the survey score. Duterte finished the Presidential Election 2016 with landslide number of votes.

On 30th of June 2016, Rodrigo Roa Duterte assumed his role as the Executive Head of the Philipines. Even before his term, crusade for peace and order already started. Curfew for minors began and drug lords and pushers were captured.

In spite of the President’s tough-mouth language and the continuous tirade of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), Duterte manage to face all the country’s problem with the help of his tactical leadership ability that shaped the killing field Davao into its peaceful urbanized form today.

Aside all these, Rodrigo Roa Duterte changed the perspective of Filipinos about presidents when he was given the chair to choose what kind of motif he wants for his inauguration. He chose simple Filipino foods and motif that proves that Duterte isn’t all about extavagant things, that he is indeed a Filipino. Simple and patriotic father of our nation.

As of today, Philippines have changed big time just three months after his term began. Number of crimes have largely decreased, and peace talks are going well. Having a game changer as our new president, Philippines will really prosper.

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