Gary Valenciano, an internationally-acclaimed singer who has been known for his electrifying dance moves during the early ’80s era will undergo a sophisticated stem cell surgery next month when he returns from abroad. He is set to leave tomorrow to attend one of the most important occasions in his lifetime. This is no other than but the 80th birthday of his beloved mother, Grimilda Santiago-Ortiz. Incidentally, tomorrow is Valenciano’s natal day also.

Singer and TV host Gary Valenciano will try the stem cell surgery next month.

Singer and TV host Gary Valenciano will try the stem cell surgery next month.

As far as the stem cell surgery is concerned, he will try the said medical breakthrough to make his knees to be regenerated insofar as its cartilage is taken into consideration. According to him, his cartilages are on the verge of getting torn apart as years passed. Admittedly, Gary said that he has been compelled to do so because the pain was unbearable most of the time. Unfortunately, he has disclosed to an online showbiz portal that

Have no more hardly cartilage left. My meniscus has multiple tears, and it has been like this for years.


I have to subject myself to a knee cartilage regeneration, through an extensive medical procedure such as the stem cell.

Along this line, if the said medical surgery becomes successful he will still do the way he does things on stage like they were before during his heydays. Without these gyrating routines of his, Garry Valenciano will never be the same again. Prior to his medical plans, he had a very successful concert entitled, Rise: Gary 3.0 The Repeat concert. This was held at the MOA Arena last August 2, 2014.

After the said stem cell surgery, he will have a series of concert for The Filipino Channel. This only means to say, that he will not be in hiatus for too long. In effect, he will be the same Gary Valenciano that we have known all these years.

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