Local celebrities are no exceptions to those unbelievable paranormal experiences, such as the near death ones. This only goes to show that we are all equal in the eyes of God regardless of who we are in this thing called Life. Let our humble website share with you the near death experience of a debonair actor in the person of Kapamilya contract star Gerald Anderson. His alleged NDE happened during the location shooting of their once phenomenal and primetime teleseries, Dyesebel.

Gorgeous dramatic actor Gerald Anderson had his own share of a near death experience.

Gorgeous dramatic actor Gerald Anderson had his own share of a near death experience.

It all happened in Subic, Zambales. Here’s his actual account on this very mysterious issue of human spirituality. He was in a Olympic-sized pool. In this particular situation, he wanted to push him-self to the limits. Therefore, he adventurously submerged him-self into the deepest recesses of the pool’s water. Although he was barely breathing, he did not hesitate to give it several tries until he had perfected it the way that he wanted it to be. So, what he did was he took a deep breath. However, he felt his athletic body was quivering incessantly. There was a point when he felt that he wanted to pass out. When he tried to get out of the pool, he became unconscious and he even felt of a blackout scenario.

The most terrifying part of Gerald’s Anderson’s near death experience was that he was terribly clueless about the fact that he was underneath the pool for several hours. All that he remembered was the fact that he gulped lots of water. But, he was thankful enough that the said incident happened at the shallow part of the pool. When he gained consciousness, he said that his body felt too heavy. Anderson further recounted that that he had flashbacks while his precious life hanged by a thread. In conclusion, Gerald is being given another lease of life to spread the good news that our lives are too short. Therefore, we must make the most out it. Our earthly life is really unpredictable. In essence, we shall learn how to live it to the fullest just like Gerald Anderson.

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  1. bobby luzano says:

    right, life is too short and we have to take an advantage of living it to the fullest. do good things to others, you might lost your life at anytime but your works (name) will be remembered.

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