The complex mainstream of pranic healing is being coupled with so much jargons that are too interesting to know and discover as soon as you have encountered them unexpectedly. Let us take for example, the word chakras. In our previous articles, these have been attributed to as the untapped power centers of every human which provide countless health benefits most specially when you know to activate and use them wisely. To date, chakras are simply defined as network channels where our invisible and stored energies meet. Interestingly, humans are made up of 7 different chakras which have different uses or purposes. These are known as follows: Swadhisthana the Manipuraka the Anahata the Vishuddhi the Ajna and the Sahasrar chakras respectively. For the sake of feeding your mind, here are their corresponding descriptions. Read on.

These are the seven different chakras of humans.

These are the seven different chakras of humans.

7 Different Chakras of Humans: How Can They Help You?

The overall health and wellness of every person can greatly enhance one’s physical, emotional and spiritual constitutions. Having been blessed with these energy centers, they remarkably complete the wholeness of you. Let us come to know them in brief.

  1. Muladhara chakra– This is is best described as the foundation chakra. Location wise, it is significantly found in your perineum. Generally, its main functions is to store human energy until such time that it is going to be expended.
  2. Swadhisthana– It is found just above your reproductive organs. Specifically, this is termed as the abode of one’s self. Moreover, it is closely related with the water element.
  3. Manipuraka chakra– It is an energy center which drives or motivate us to achieve our drives and ambitions to the fullest extent. Similarly, it is where our digestion process is enhanced.
  4. Anahata– It has an attribution as the Heart Chakra where love and creativity are magnificently energized.
  5. Vishuddhi chakra– Based on the human anatomy, it is situated at the base of our throat and within various poisonous substances are expelled.
  6. Ajna– Better known as the Third Eye. As far as its function is concerned, it is simply known as the center of clarity and Divine wisdom.
  7. Sahasrar– Sahasrar is one particular chakra which helps us to achieve our union with longevity. Above anything else, it gives us the greatest feeling of ecstasy.

As we have come to realize that each and everyone has unique chakras, then we can finally say that God has created us according to his powerful wisdom and Divine Will.

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