Conor McGregor has humbly described him-self as a humble fighter. This was during the press conference of the UFC 178. Surprisingly, he said that nobody of today’s generation could ever fill in his shoes. In a direct statement he said.

The division seems to be full of rookies and has-beens, I’m just sitting here enjoying my-self, collecting these checks on my way, eliminating each one.

In the strenuous and adrenalin Ultimate Fighting Championship, Conor McGregor is always known for his blunt and hard-hitting statements. Likewise, those people who have even doubted his credibility in a way are starting to become his cliques of believers in just a short span of time.

The legend of UFC seems to more meaningful with someone like Conor McGregor.

The legend of UFC seems to more meaningful with someone like Conor McGregor.

At 26, he is already at the top of his career and is currently one of the best wrestlers of his time. Last Saturday, he was able to clinch his fourth unanimous victory. He perfectly beat Dustin Poirier in just a few minutes without any inch of difficulty at all. As a result, he bagged a total of $50,000 for the Performance of the Night title. What makes this guy totally amazing and different in so many ways?

First and foremost, Conor McGregor has unique fighting skills that no UFC player can ever surpass. Apart from that, he has been inherently blessed with a kind of charisma which no one can resist. In the same token, he possesses a kind of marketability that can never be treated just like that. From his early life, he quickly reached the category of being a 145 pound ranking wrestler. Most importantly, his fans are asking him to be booked in several fighting events in which victory is evidently at hand. Incredibly, his self-confidence is extremely oozing with utmost certainty in all that he do most specially on the top of the ring. In other words, he has firmly asserted that almost all all matchups will fall on his favor. He even optimistically said that

I believe I will dismantle both of them.Chad is a 5-foot-6, overblown – he should be a 125er, but he’s gone past that limit now. Now he’s just a little small bodybuilder stuck in the 145-pound division, and he gets tired quick. He’s 5-foot-6 with a 65-inch reach. I have an eight-inch reach advantage on him. I tower over him. I would maul Chad.

On the contrary, many UFC analysts have said that it is not always a sure guarantee that Conor McGregor will fight for the championship belt in his upcoming fights. It is simply because, the victor of the competition between Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar can also rightfully claim the UFC’s reign and kingship. But McGregor remains to have a positive outlook on what he does best. In essence, he even said without any reservation.

As long as I show up and my check is what it says it’s going to be, then I show up and I will kill whoever they put in front of me. Of course I want that gold belt. Don’t tell me that gold belt sitting up here right now on this table would not look great along side this ivory, elephant-trunk suit that I have on me right now. It would look perfect, and I know Dana wants to see it. I know Lorenzo wants to see it. Shout out to Uncle Frank; I know he wants to see it. It’s what the fans want, as well.I love proving people wrong and proving my supporters right. This is all fun and games to me. I love it. I love my job. I whoop people for truckloads of cash. how could I hate this life? I love it so much. I’m grateful every single day.

Conclusively, Conor McGregor has this to say to his fans, opponents and detractors.

Business is business. It’s never personal. It can be cruel, it can be ruthless, but it is never personal.

Remarkably, the inherent articulateness of Conor McGregor is the timeless epitome of what a real fighter is in the real sense of the word.

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