Local and international celebrities alike are so endearingly fascinated with another tourist icon in the Philippines which is more popularly known as Villa Escudero. So, our interesting website would like to take you to an imaginative wonderland of fun, adventure and an endless historical rendezvous. This tourist attraction in the Philippines approximately measures 2,000 acres. As an overview, this luscious and green plantations are coconut farmsteads with a vast hacienda in the southern section of Laguna.

Likewise, the plantations of Villa Escudero are within the border of Quezon Province. Since its notable and significant establishment, this famous tourist destination in the Philippines has become a favorite wedding venue of some showbiz personalities since the 1980’s. Simply because, Villa Escudero has innovatively metamorphosed itself into a relaxing beach resort; that gladly caters tours around the village, museum trips, exclusive accommodations and food catering services. Ultimately, this jetsetting tourist spot has been dubbed as the center or focal point of Philippine tourism, to attain an overwhelming experience of a rich and continuously transcending Philippine culture with an inspiring touch of the country’s history that is exemplary reflected in its charming and engrossing rural panoramic landscape. has proudly included three municipalities of two prominent provinces namely: San Pablo City in Laguna and the illustrious towns of Dolores and Tiaong Quezon respectively.

A relaxing pool view at Villa Escudero.

A relaxing pool view at Villa Escudero.

Speaking of its founding, it was established in the year 1872 by a wealthy and kindhearted patriarch, Don Placido Escudero and his loving spouse, Dona Claudia Marasigan. Initially, the said real estate property of the Escudero’s was a sugar cane plantation. Later, it was purposely transformed into an equally productive coconut plantation by their child, Don Arsenio Escudero in the 1900’s. From then on, the family- owned business venture was opened to everyone in 1981 as a newly- developed tourist destination in the Philippines. Though it might sound so unusual, this well-known attraction places so much emphasis on plantations and its people’s way of life. Similarly, its memorable contribution to Philippine history were carefully preserved in a private repository of the family’s patriarch. Thus,if you want to take a tour to the splendid resort of the Escudero’s a cute and Philippine inspired carabao cart will leisurely take you around.

Aside from this very friendly and hospitable approach of the Villa Escudero Plantations’ management and staff, there is also fine dining at Villa Escudero. This feature is heartwarmingly offered in a cozy and comfortable al fresco restaurant. Generally, the Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort is a classical and world-class image of the Philippines’ enigmatic historical past and dynamic evolution as a nation. For those of you who might not knew about the pivotal role played by Villa Escudero Plantations in a historical revolution of the Filipinos and the Americans against the Spanish regime. To expound, the gallant heroes of Philippine Revolution were generously provided with comfortable and strictly secured shelters in this remarkable and elegant tourist spot in San Pablo City. More so, it had become a formidable fortress of those patriotic Filipinos who proudly showed to the world the priceless significance of liberty.


Superb and affordable accommodations at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort are never treated as major problems any time of the year. This luxurious vacation paradise in the Philippines proudly presents many convenient and affordable accommodations that will not definitely hurt your pockets. Primarily, there are huge and satisfying cottages which are uniquely referred to as “riverside cottages”. Furthermore, there are wide selections of those rooms that are termed as “apartment styles”, which are beautifully made out of easy to find indigenous materials like bamboo, coco lumber and anahaw leaves.

A spacious Villa Escudero accommodation.

A spacious Villa Escudero accommodation.

Specifically, these versatile and attractive temporary shelters at Villa Escudero Plantations and beach resort have excellent ventilations and these are environment friendly as well. Best of all, the rooms at Villa Escudero are very spacious since these accommodations can conveniently allow a single person or even a group of ten individuals. Of course, there are airconditioned rooms too for those people who sweetly desire to have a sound sleep night after night. By the way, the prices of these invigorating and posh abodes are dependent upon the number of people per unit.


At Villa Escudero, there are lots of other attractions that you will surely fell in love with. These can be any of the following:Tour on Rural Villages,Philippine Experience Show an aviary and the best recreational facilities.

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort is an envisage of the greatest and inexpressible language of the Philippines’ long lost freedom and nationalistic ideals. Above anything else, this noble and patriotic tourist spot unselfishly opens its doors to different types of people to achieve their far and beyond core philosophy of unparalleled service, honesty, sincerity and integrity to every guest who seeks for a quality and yet affordable vacation that they have always dreamed of.

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