Can you still play a nine hole course or just try to retrieve the balls from a dam, when you suddenly encounter this huge reptile roaming around while playing golf? Staff at the Myakka Pine Golf Club in Florida spotted a giant alligator taking a stroll. They saw this enormous reptile heading from one pond to another at the course’s seventh green.

Do you think the image of the Giant Alligator in Florida is real? Well, yes. Alligators are common in Florida and there’s a place in Florida called Alligator Park. It’s a big nature place with all these trails and the big lake has alligators. But is this common on a golf course? I think so. Do you recall the golfer who has been killed by a crocodile at the Lake Panic at Kruger National Park in South Africa? It’s not in Florida, but it’s on a golf course. According to the park official at the Kruger, the crocodiles have just come out of hibernation and were hunting for food. And I think this one decided to hunt for one or two.

Giant Alligator in Florida

Giant Alligator roaming around the Myakka Golf Course in Florida.

There are very few places left for Giant Alligators where they’re not going to come in contact with people, however, golf course lakes are not a good place for them. They are doing what naturally comes to them, hunting for food. Their behavior can’t be changed. However, if you do ever find yourself in the situation of being chased by one of these cold blooded reptile, run in zigzags to tire them out and discourage them from chasing you. Alligators and crocodiles are cold blooded, so they will not waste energy trying to catch something when they can do it without wasting energy so they will back off and wait for easier prey. They can haul a person but they aren’t as agile as humans.

So do you think the Giant Alligator spotted on a golf course in Florida is real? Let us know what you think of this.

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