Gigi Reyes Snags in a Regular Detention Cell

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Fate and destiny seem to have been against the desires of Gigi Reyes, the former trusted senate personnel of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile who was also implicated in the biggest corruption of all time in the Philippines; which is no other than but the perplex pork barrel scam. Last week, Reyes was arrested by police authorities minutes before the arrest warrant was released by the Sandiganbayan. As result of her mysterious involvement, the lady lawyer will be detained in regular jail with all other inmates while the said case is still being heard. Specifically, she will be temporarily incarcerated at the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in Quezon City.

Gigi Reyes, former chief-of-staff of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile will be detained in a regular jail after her arrest last week,

Gigi Reyes, former chief-of-staff of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile will be detained in a regular jail after her arrest last week,

On the contrary, Sandiganbayan’s Third Division has withdrew its commitment order and has asked the kind indulgence of BJMP to inform the anti-graft court as far as the real condition of the women’s dormitory inside the premises of the BJMP. Currently, she will be staying at the newly-renovated cell within the basement of the anti-graft tribunal. Along this juncture, she will be the first ever detainee to occupy this cell which has only an exact measurement of 23.5 meters. According to an unidentified court clerk,

While the court is awaiting the feedback of the BJMP about the adequacy of its facility and the means to secure the accused, she will be detained in the detention facility of the Sandiganbayan.

On a personal note, it has been known that Gigi Reyes bursted into tears upon learning that will be locked up in a basement cell with no other appliance, even a small electric fan. This was the main reason why that this once influential lawyer kept on asking if such an appliance was really unavailable for use. Nevertheless, a new stand fan was provided solely because the jail’s ceiling fan was defective. Just this weekend, Reyes has started to realize that being an inmate was not that easy. She was served a simple food which costed around Php 30.00.

Indeed, Gigi Reyes is bitterly going through the worst nightmare of her life. But one certain fact remains to be unfazed. God will surely be by her side without condemning her until this turbulent storm comes to past.

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