Gilas Pilipinas has suffered another setback in the iron hands of Argentina. However, the no retreat and no surrender team from the Philippines had strongly pushed their opponents to the limits prior to their defeat to the overpowering dominance of the Argentinians. Argentina won over Gilas Pilipinas with a final score of 85-81. Despite of this, Gilas has earned the respect of their hard court nemesis after the Philippine team has threatened the South Americans for an alleged game upset if their defensive skills did not work out right.

The Philippines' Gilas Pilipinas has threatened Argentina's victory,with a final score of 85-81.

The Philippines’ Gilas Pilipinas has threatened Argentina’s victory,with a final score of 85-81.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Alapag was the main man for that particular adrenaline-pumping game. Alapag excellently made five three pointers out of his seven attempts. He inched a 15-point mark on the face of Argentinian cagers. In the beginning, Gilas has remarkably exhibited a very effective ball movement. To date, they had vigorously baffled the tactical strategies of Argentina particularly in the first quarter. Interestingly, Andray Blatche was able to make two baskets that made Gilas to roar like a lion in the first few minutes of the game. Thus, turning the scoreboard around with a 4-0 lead. As they heated up to seal in a victory, their mileage has widened against Argentina with a score of 17-7. However, their streaks of luck have run out when one of star players had gained two fouls. Blatche was called out and benched for him to cool down. Nevertheless, Gilas Pilipinas was still ahead with a final score of 25-22.

Argentina has posed a nightmare for Gilas in the second quarter after a three-pointer was casted by Pablo Prigioni. Although the other players of Gilas Pilipinas had contributed some points, it did not suffice to compensate the tremendous performance of Argentina until the end of the game.

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