Basketball is a game which requires tenacity and guts. Every player and the team as a whole would like to magnificently experience the bliss and gratifying sense of winning. In the case of Gilas Pilipinas, they always have the burning passion to be victorious in every endeavor that this team engages in. But, there seems to be something wrong with their game aces at the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

Gilas Pilipinas unbelievably lost to Greece. What lies ahead after?

Gilas Pilipinas unbelievably lost to Greece. What lies ahead after?

In their game against Greece, the appropriate word was almost there. What seems to the lacking formula and chemistry that prempted their winning streak from falling into the right place? In the said game, Gilas Pilipinas had cut down the lead of their opponent down to only 10 points. It was at 60 against 50. During that game, Gilas Pilipinas got the surprise of their lives when their opponent had the chance to go to the three-point country courtesy of Vasileiadis. As a result, Greece has widened its lead to 65-50.

Surprisingly, Greece had maintained its 15-point advantage. To keep up, Blatche had expended his best although he had a bearable injury. Still, everything remains futile. To compensate to the very least, Blatche was able to make two free throws. Luckily, these were all fruitful shots. After which, the score was 75-63 in favor of Greece. However, Gilas Pilipinas’ LA Tenorio was called for a foul. Watch how Gilas Pilipinas faired against Greece with a brave heart.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the second quarter they was able to slice the lead of Greece to only eight points. But,the latter seemed to have stormed the high heavens with so much prayers. Greece was able to launch a three-pointer from nowhere. Along this juncture, the crucial minutes of the game was at the hands of Jeff Chan. Unfortunately, he missed the last shot for that particular quarter. Therefore, Gilas Pilipinas blew its chance to win against Greece against all odds.

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