Girl Scout Cookies for 2011

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The American culture will never be the same again without the Girl Scout Cookies on their food table. In fact, for more than 80 years and still going strong, the dynamic members of the Girl Scout Society are still very much around to better their products, thereby, achieve unequaled stature in the economic and educational development of the future women leaders of the United States.

On the other hand, it has been significantly revealed across the globe that the secret formula behind the formidable and glorious success of these goodies is the no fine print support of the members’ loved ones. From then on, the dream of the organization to fulfill its long- term objectives for the girls and for the entire human race, continues to evolve and flourish just like the Girl Scout Cookies for 2011.

Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookies for 2011 have bright and bold packaging, symbolizing the spirit of the Girl Scouts’ as a whole. Likewise, this particular product modification in terms of presentation, was officially launched in the Fall of 2000. If you will visit one of their official websites at, you will see a bubbly little girl carrying boxes of her favorite cookies. Taking a closer look at the picture, it clearly resonates the organization and the product as a strong and gallant cavaliers who can take any challenge for the sake of helping others.
Meanwhile, the Girl Scout Cookies for 2011 are described as not only tempting and nutritious but most of all, they can actually let their consumers to get more than what they pay for. These are due to the following product criteria: flavor, packaging and affordability more than anything else.

In the succeeding sections of this informative and appetizing food article about Girl Scout cookies, readers will be able to have a temporary “gustatory insanity” while using their creative visualization in tasting these delightful and aromatic cookies, which were launched to the consuming public last year.

The Girl Scout Cookies for 2011

There are 8 new and exciting flavors of Girl Scout Cookies for 2011 which made consumers kept coming back for more, to get a hand of these delicious coated biscuits which have different fillings to satisfy their cravings. Below, are some of the finest and delectable cookie flavors which might be the cause of obsession to some people who have not tasted yet these cookies that everyone has been crazy about.

  • Thin Mints – are slim wafers soaked in a chocolate concoction, perfectly combined with unadulterated peppermints. Likewise they are two pieces of cookies which has less calorie content of the other varieties.
  • Trefoils – The are the “oldest varieties of GS cookies, made from the old-fashioned kinds of shortbread. Among its finest ingredients are butter, bread and eggs. To make it more appealing and appetizing, they were masterfully stamped with the logo of the Girl Scouts.
  • Samoas – These are vanilla flavored cookies whose name and etymology was inspired by the Pacific Island territory of America, which is no other than but, Samoas.
  • Do-Si-Dos – These delights from the product lines of the GS cookies are made from all natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors. To make your palate more addictive, it has peanut butter filling, is in the middle of two cookies fashioned from healthy oatmeal.
  • Dulce de Leches – A new variation in 2011 which got its roots and inspiration from Latin America and Hispanic types of equally mouthwatering pastries.
  • Lemon Chalet Cremes – A variant of Girl Scout Cookies for 2011, which was proudly presented to the market two years ago. Uniquely, these are biscuits with a Chalet drawn on it to complete this marvelous cookie treat for all ages.
  • Thank You Berry Munch – These are cookies from the Girl Scouts’ mind of artistic craftsmanship made with creamy and oozing white fudge chips, coupled with real bits of cranberries.
  • Tagalongs – These cookies of the Girl Scouts are made with rich chocolate ingredients, with creamy peanut butter inside. Incredibly, every bite will take you along memory lane when you eat your peanut butter sandwich as if there’s no tomorrow.

The Girl Scouts Cookies for 2011 will never leave our mind and hearts, not only because of their fantastic flavors; but of the amiable assistance they provide the less fortunate and the Girl Scout movement as well, each time you buy them with a BIG AND LOVING SMILE.


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