What are Girl Scout Cookies?

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There are lots of questions regarding Girl Scout Cookies which are left unanswered. Questions such as where to find or where to get them, have been a mainstream inquiry for these delicious delights. This website addresses most of these concerns because it provides a complete information regarding Girl Scout Cookies and the things you need to know such as its humble origins, the different types of cookies, flavors, varieties and much more.

The manufacturing industry of food products is already an integral of our history, culture, lifestyle and well-being. These basic commodities represent the economy in a larger context which mainly constitute of providing employment opportunities and to seek the highest economic endeavor man has ever conceived.

Girl Scout Cookies

However, little did we know that there is an organization which was established in the United States in 1917 which carried the torch of the genuine meaning of giving through their humble emoluments which were alluded to as Girl Scout Cookies. Descriptively, these are healthy and delectable snack alternatives which are tremendously available in different and exciting flavors, which caught the American nation by storm.

Girl Scout Cookies are being peddled by the GSUSA, an organization of Girl Scouts in America which has focused itself more on the most essential and worth living cause, to collect funds for Girl Scouts Units. Statistically, the widely known cookies’ assortments were very much phenomenal since it debuted in the food industry in 1917. In fact, the GSUSA were able to sell an approximate of 200 million boxes per year in 2007. As far as the sales of these delectable cookies from the Girl Scouts were concerned, the first step that was carefully undertaken during their early years in the business was the decision making process; as to what particular licensed baking enterprise has to be tapped and used to sell these heaven-tasting cookies among their growing number of clientele.

On the other hand, the sale of these snacks from the luminaries of GSUSA must then determine as to what are the different flavors which can be possibly be readily available in an area or vicinity. As part of the so-called “pilot testing” of these irresistible biscuits with varying coatings and fillings, the Girl Scouts first tried them to market for their friends, relatives and their neighbors in the vicinity where they belong. Through the years, the GS Cookies’ sales strategies had been greatly enhanced to resolve critical business concerns in relation to safety and health concerns of the snack products.

Along this line, the popular biscuits were now sold in colorful cookie booths in public areas. To make it more appealing to customers, the genially creative members of the GSUSA put tables in their assigned areas, under the coordination and guidance of adult leaders of the troops.

The reason behind this sudden business modification during those years was to allow loyal customers of these goodies to support the shipment of millions of cookies which will in turn, be sent to the brave and committed servicemen and women of the United States.

Girl Scouts Cookies Variety

Different Varieties of Girl Scout Cookies

The year 2007 was a milestone of Girl Scout Cookies. It was the “Dawn of Modern Age” in as far as marketing their delish products is concerned. At last, the cookies can be purchased instantly, with a touch of a button through online facilities. The millions of followers of these cookies from the adorable and dynamic members of the GSUSA, will be able to discover the different advocacies of the organization in terms of education, economic and social development and most importantly, their unwavering commitment in providing financial support for the underprivileged across the globe.

The ultimate objectives in marketing these very indulging and savory Girl Scout cookies are clearly stated and divided into three agendas namely:

  • To make every girl scout discover and realize their ambition and life goals through their innate potentials, while having an enjoyable experience.
  • To give their millions of customers get the value for their money while supporting a worthy cause and mission.
  • The earnings or proceeds of these products will support without reservations the the local Girl Scouting in local communities

Furthermore, the GSUSA who started it all for the Girl Scout cookies has a program called the Girl Scout Cookie Program in order to further hone the 5 basic skills of little but admirable girls. These are as follows: monetary management, effective and wise decision making, the enhancement of an organized and excellent work ethics in commerce and lastly, the progression of these ethics in general.

With these impressive and fruitful objectives behind the delicately enticing persona of the product, who will ever be hesitant to buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies?


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  1. Helen says:

    I’m disappointed in the ingredients that you use in your cookies. High Fructose in the thin mints are not healthy and a cheap way to make the cookies. Hydrogenated oils are not healthy. Keep up with the times and change your recipes to make more healthy cookies especially since you are dealing with children and you should be promoting their health in a safe and nutritional way.

    • Cheryle says:

      It all depends on the manufacturer. On the part of consumers, they should be wise in making their own decisions if they are going to buy these cookies or not. Thanks and More Power.

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