The Philippines’ one and only undisputed television network, GMA-7 has made another milestone in the competitive world of television and broadcasting. This is what they call a Q3 rebound, in terms of revenues and much better ratings insofar as its exceptional roster of shows are concerned. Despite of its non-advertisement agendas and policy the said globally competitive television outfit was able to inch its way to the top with respect to a much higher income most specially this year. As expected, its honorable chairman Felipe Gozon has proudly lauded this magnificent achievement of theirs through the years. Along this line, he has this to say.

We have regained momentum as far as both our nationwide TV ratings and financials are concerned. We are optimistic that the third quarter will be a turning point for the company.

GMA-7 television network poses a very impressive revenue output for 2014.

GMA-7 television network poses a very impressive revenue output for 2014.

Incidentally, GMA-7 has remarkably established a new record high for their multi-billion revenue output of Php 1.67 billion as compared to its Php 1.62 billion in the last two years. To date, the total network revenues had drastically improved in July and August. But it was in the eight month that GMA was able to attain this biggest achievement in the last 60 years. Aside from this very astonishing benchmark, GMA has beamingly announced that some of the biggest advertisers in the industry are beginning to establish their perfect and ideal working relationship with the one and only Kapuso network.

In the weeks to come, there are new programs that will surely contribute a lot to its additional earnings in the coming months. There is no doubt that GMA-7 is really on the rebound these days. Hence, it is very much ready to compete with other television networks in the country without fear.

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