God’s Pocket, refers to a working class neighborhood in Philadelphia where everyone knows one another and about a local newspaper columnist who only thinks about what he usually does everyday. The town’s population has a large number of swindlers, thieves and gangsters. The worst person in town seems to be Leon (Caleb Landry Jones), a young drugged up factory worker who thinks that it is cute to say a racial insult against aperson and to flaunt his knife in his workplace. Somewhere, somehow fate and destiny played a bad joke on him. He got killed. His mother (Christina Hendricks) thinks that it is not a workplace accident. though her husband, Mickey (Philip Seymour Hoffman), is more interested in just taking care of the funeral rites; rather than to investigate on the matter. On the other hand, Mickey, is one of those thieves along with his friend (John Turturro)(Domenick Lombardozzi), who had stolen a refrigerator truck. This leads to the conflict that would be right at home in this Coen Brothers’ film that would throw off the film’s cinematic and its storyline balance.

God's Pocket is all about the lives of different people and the changes they have made.

God’s Pocket is all about the lives of different people and the changes they have made.

The movie shows a worst dealing of the local funeral home manager, Jack Moran (Eddie Marsan), that helps to explain why someone would want to throw him down the stairs at his own expense. Worst of all, is the appearance of Richard Shelburn (Richard Jenkins), as an alcoholic newspaper columnist. He acts as an unwelcome outsider who is not interested in celebrating their flaws. Also, God’s Pocket talks about Shelburn who takes away fancy to Mickey’s wife, an unnamed woman. In the film, she portrays a person who is fond of wearing tight clothings which is probably enough for most men to see and appreciate. Except for Hendricks, who can never convey the true sense of grief or vengeance in order to define her character. In essence, this would make making her more transparent to an alcoholic bad boy; who is always sad and annoying at times.

To provide you with a short overview, watch this God’s Pocket sneak preview.

Have you ever tried to recall about the last time you said that Richard Jenkins was too bad in a film? That is the point why the movie sinks in a way. The director’s inconsistent move affects directly into Jenkins’ portrayal and though it is not the actor’s fault, he looks like a clown and a wild ladies man. If one would say that God’s Pocket was a comedy and everything played is for laughs, that might be wholly or partly credited to some of the film’s choices. Although it exists as less than a generic movie, as if you were watching a high school production of Mystic River the people behind this movie project tried to turn it into a musical but ended up with the extraction of all the numbers.

Generally, the setting tone of the film is one of the most disregarded parts. A trip to the video store might be able to help audiences towards a genre that they were in the mood for and at their best. Thus, this would give a spark of what they were in for. The Golden Globes certainly did not help because it often creases a confusion as far as the intention of the filmmakers in balancing the story. God’s Pocket provides the same kind of confusion of a working class crime drama which has almost all the random bits of black comedy and even those greater shots of unrealistic happenings. In essence, the film has become the very definition of tonal mess.

Meet the Cast:

  • Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • Richard Jenkins
  • Christina Hendricks
  • John Turturro
  • Caleb Landry Jones
  • Eddie Marsan
  • Domenick Lombardozzi
  • Glenn Fleshler
  • Molly Price
  • Bridget Barkan
  • Arthur French
  • Joyce Van Patten
  • Peter Gerety

The film as a whole, is particularly not a bad one at all. However, it is featureless and quite uninteresting. Although the cast of fine actors keeps things lively on a particular scene It is hard to invest in any of the characters’ and it just seemed so boring. The performances are solid so if you are a die hard fan of Seymour Hoffman. But if you are, you might want to give it a look.

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