Godzilla an upcoming science fiction monster film which features Japanese film monster is a sequel of the Godzilla film directed by British filmmaker Gareth Edwards. A co-production of Warner Bros Pictures, the film retells the original Godzilla’s terrifying force of nature. The story revolves on the life of young US marine. The film is definitely not light hearted but there is a strong emphasis on the importance of family as well as trying to control nature and how nature could backfire in the end.

The film’s cinematography:

Simply put, its cinematography is outstanding when compared to the previous Godzilla film. Right from the start, the viewers will get a tense and suspenseful atmosphere as paratroopers prepare themselves to protect their country and  their lives as they go down to a smoky, semi-destroyed San Francisco. When you watch this particular scene, you will easily feel the emotion and suspense the soldiers are feeling as the siren sounds and they move down of the plane. As they begin to go down, with flares guiding their path, you will get a glimpse of the surroundings through one of the soldier’s goggles; you will hear their heavy and uneasy breathing.  As they pass through a cloud layer, viewers will be given an angle shot of San Francisco falling into a wasteland and completely eradicated by an unknown force of nature – and then you will see as the lightening flares, the figure of a gigantic creature barely visible through the thick fog. Again, through the sight of one soldier, you will have a glimpse of Godzilla, bent over, walking slowly through the debris, viewers will get a rough estimate of how incredibly huge this creature is as buildings and other establishments look tiny by comparison.

Godzilla 2014 Movie

Godzilla 2014 Movie

As the screen turns to black, the only sound you will hear is a pulsing, high pitch ring as one of the characters is seen running as they try to evacuate a hidden facility. A multiple shot of people in chaos, fleeing and scared for their lives. Military personnel and ground troops are astonished and shocked at what they are about to face. Viewers will get a sense of compassion and empathy for those people who are caught in Godzilla’s rampage.

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The cinematography is brilliant and immediately sets the tone. This movie is going to be dark, full of suspense, terrifying and realistic. The creative team of the movie have seriously put together a film that will captivate and draw people in its after effect leaving you wanting for more films like this one.

The musical score is brilliant too. The sound is quite perfect for this kind of movie and it really helps set the tone and atmosphere for what viewers are about to witness.

Get to know the cast

  • Aaron Taylor Johnson – Ford Brody,  US navy lieutenant
  • Elizabeth Olsen – Elle Brody, Ford’s nurse wife
  • Bryan Cranston – Joe Brody, Ford’s father, a nuclear physicist and Engineer
  • Juliette Binoche – Sandra Brody, Ford’s Mother, a nuclear regulations consultant
  • Ken Watanabe – Ichiro Serizawa, scientist
  • Sally Hawkins – Dr Graham, a scientist
  • David Strathairn – US Navy Admiral Stenz
  • Victor – Rasuk – Tre Morales
  • Anthony Konechny – PO2 Thatch
  • CJ Adams – young Ford Brody
  • Brian Markinson – Whalen
  • Kevin O’ Grady – Rescue Fireman

In conclusion, Godzilla, both captivates and excites the viewers. It was brilliantly made. Every scene and sequence will keep you glued watching intently for every detail. The cinematography and sound scoring complement each other and the visuals are impressive and well done. This film is exciting and will prove that Godzilla is back with a vengeance. Expect to have a mind blowing film when it hits the theatres on May, 2014.

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