Internet’s sensational star Zoboomafoo, has finally bid farewell to this world. He was a lemur who had endeared millions of his cute antics, long before those grumpy cats and other animals had become YouTube sensations them-selves. By the way, his real name was not Zoboomafoo. This passionate but friendly lemur was christened as Jovian.

Jovian, who was popularly known as Zoboomafoo passed away due to renal failure.

Jovian, who was popularly known as Zoboomafoo passed away due to renal failure.

During his heydays, he became an instant celebrity of the defunct PBS Wildlife show. But today, there would be no such a precocious animal for us to love and adore because he had passed away due to a kidney failure. He expired last Monday with a happy soul at the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, NC. He was 20 and a half years old. At the height of his popularity, he loved to stare, munch and bounce to the delight of little kids. His show had 65 episodes from 1999-2001. It was then directed by Martin and Chris Kratt respectively. In memory of his timeless legacy on television, his directors had nothing more to say for this very talented animal but,

He’d jump in through the window and we’d feed him mangoes or garbanzo beans. Sometimes he’d grab our noses with those soft sifaka hands.

In review, Zoboomafoo, is an American television series for children which proudly aired from January 25, 1999 until the 28th day of April 2001. However, in some countries where there are cable subscriptions, it can still be watched through syndication. To begin with, there was an adventurous place which was aptly termed as an Animal Junction where Jovian will be offered several foodstuffs to initially entice him. Then, the cameras began to roll and the other segments of the show will begin to make a kid’s day beautiful and intellectually stimulating at the same time. Hence, these sequences were somehow very challenging for this lovable animal. Just the same, he did an excellent job insofar as his artistic executions of those simple roles. These have clearly depicted the undeniable fact that animals can perfectly interact with humans and vice versa, to make this world a lot more enjoyable than ever before.

During his long and winding journey, Zoboomafoo was able to come to terms with reality that animals can really make a big difference in the carefree world of children across the globe by means of educating them that these creatures can be their best friends in the REAL WORLD. As a whole, Zoboomafoo had taught us on how to simply enjoy life in its genuine essence. After all, we will come to pass no matter how we try to delay it within our own terms. Needless to say, Jovian has taught each one of us to be humble despite of what we have fruitfully attained in this thing called LIFE.

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