The incumbent governor of Lipa Batangas, Governor Vilma Santos Recto is no longer affected of those petty and not so important concerns outside her very successful political career. This was in reaction to a number of online bashers who had disgustingly criticized her grammatical errors on the dedication card of a simple gift that she sent to Kris Aquino out of her loving and caring gestures. These were the exact and unedited words that were sincerely written on the card.

Dearest Kris, Thank you so much for believing in me! I truly appreciate it friend… Life is short… Enjoy it – you are so bless… God is good. Smile 🙂 – Ate Vi.

Batangas Governor Vilma Santos Recto

Batangas Governor Vilma Santos Recto thanks her so-called bashers for criticizing her honest mistakes.

In the said card, some words were misspelled. But that was an honest mistake according to the multi-awarded actress and politician. Every human commits mistakes. According to the goal driven governor.

It was just a minor and small issue.

The incident all started when Kris Aquino posted the picture on her official instagram account. Of which, the beautiful governor has agreed to share that very private and heartwarming post. After it has spread like wildfire in Instagram circles there were countless bashers who had openly corrected the Honorable Santos Recto of so-called unintentional grammatical flaws. However, the real friends of the governor/actress were swift in defending her petty error. As they have said, Nobody is perfect.

She also told Aquino that got bashed after that post was shared. Of course, Kris had immediately apologized. Along this line, there has to be one major lesson that should be learned. Primarily, not all personal messages must be posted on social media networks most specially if these would somehow cost the person’s self-esteem and the likes. On the part of those people who are giving much weight on some minor mistakes because perfection goes only for the Almighty no more, no less. On the part of Aquino she should not also be blamed for sharing the post because it was all out of her inexpressible feelings of excitement.

Conclusively, Governor Vilma Santos Recto is genially one of the best public servants. Personally, I think this is the most important thing about her than those flaws that each and everyone of us commits without our knowing.

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