The Great Santa Cruz Island which is found in the silence and beauty of Zamboanga Province is no exception because of its lasting image of peacefulness and abounding natural mystique. It is approximately found in the southern part of downtown Zamboanga. This precious island includes the captivating Strait of Basilan.

For its dramatic tourist development, its pink-colored beach sand is a prolific enigma of what elegance and beauty really is. Curiously, the incredible color of its sand had miraculously emanated from a pulverized red organ pipe from a surfing erosion which was harmoniously mixed with the whitest beach sand in the Philippines. But, it was such a sad reality that during the 1970’s and early 1980’s the once popular archipelago had lost its shining glory when those German and Italian voyagers had mercilessly explored the promising and splendid atmosphere of the famed Great Santa Cruz Island.

But, God has mysteriously made His inexplicable power more evidently than ever before. He had prompted the Holy Spirit to send some bloggers to resurrect this enigmatic cradle of eco-tourism development, through their artistic blogs and articles in a global scope. The pompous Island of Great Santa Cruz is considered as a highly-protected area in Region IX. As such, it is tenderly conjoined as the Great and Little Santa Cruz Islands Protected Landscapes and Seascapes.

The pink sand of Great Santa Cruz Island.

The pink sand of Great Santa Cruz Island.

This particular momentous recognition was officially made as a rational and deserving distinction on the 23rd of April 2009, under the virtue of Proclamation 171. Meanwhile, the park of this truly breathtaking attraction has a total land area of 1,877. Despite of its noble charisma among tourists from across the globe, the colossal island never got exempted from those challenges which had transformed itself into an intriguing vacation haven, which this world has ever known.

Ecologically, the irrepressible illegal logging in the pristine island has devastatingly destroyed some of its precious coral reefs. In effect, this eco-tourism holocaust had become a never ending saga of uncertainty and a place of no return. To resolve, the goal-driven Zamboanga city government plans to subject the island for a much needed makeover to be able to become a vigorous, highly competitive and an urbanized integral of tourism progression. As far as the salient and viable tourism-related agendas are concerned, the humble city government of Zamboanga has laid out its strategic mechanisms on how to expedite the following areas of concern: Conservation, preservation, protection and rehabilitation of the glorious Island of Great Santa Cruz.


Great Santa Cruz Island boasts itself with a big mangrove laden lagoon and with a small village for those ethnic groups such as the Badjaos. Also, this tourism icon has a humongous burial place which can be found in its adjacent territory. Likewise, the interior core of this spectacular place is caressingly covered with a lush kind of vegetation that includes lots of trees and the likes.

Remarkably, there are flowering kinds of trees, which have endlessly shaded the fullness of Great Santa Cruz Island without question. Also, the beach waters of Great Santa Cruz Island are vibrantly creating several kinds of natural transition that everyone would eagerly want to see. From its colors of emerald green, rich, deep blue and green turquoise and vice-versa, there is nothing more that you can ask for. Best of all, the island is overwhelmingly blessed with lots of aquatic life that most tourists will surely take pictures of to make them as souvenirs for their loved ones back home.

Speaking of the city government’s ecological conservation, the city government needs to ensure that the island’s swamplands are well-taken care of. Thus, its relaxing beach is equipped with a volleyball court which is specially intended for health buffs that can never live without any recreational activity, every single day.

Topographically, the wholeness of this amazing and gracious island is much more similar to a lagoon island which looks like a heart-shaped external rim. It has been artistically formed by this much sought after destination’s pink-colored sand. Though it might sound eerie for some tourists who are not used to cemeteries as inherent parts of a given scenic attraction anywhere in the world, the Island of Great Santa Cruz has a cemetery which is called as the Badjao Cemetery.

Interestingly, if you are going to have an intricate examination of this one-of-a-kind graveyard you will notice that those miniature boats are sacredly placed on top of these graves to honor and commemorate the seaborne lifestyle of this magnificent ethnic group. After your most gratifying tour around the island, you and your group can take a look at its souvenir vendors’ stalls which are situated near the island’s gratifying beach resort. These inviting souvenir kiosks have several accessories like necklaces and bracelets which can be purchased at Php 280, only if you are going to buy in bulks.

Getting There

You will never be totally satisfied, if you are only going to read this travel and leisure article inside the comforts of your homes. Conversely, it is still very much enthralling to experience most especially if you are going to visit this enchanting Great Island of Santa Cruz this coming summer. Now, to make things a lot easier for you here are the following steps that you must heed to be able to reach this fascinating travel destination safe and sound.

  1. Make some necessary coordination with the Department of Tourism’s Regional Office, which is beside the Hotel Lantaka along Valderama street. You have to do this travel essential before anything else, because this is the only government agency, who will take charge of your transportation needs and your safety necessities within the territorial bounds of the Great Island of Santa Cruz, Zamboanga City.
  2. The next best thing to do is to proceed to a place that is being referred to as Paseo del Mar. To reach this splendid route in going to Great Island of Santa Cruz, Zamboanga City, you have to ride a ferry boat, which is will approximately take about 40 minutes of travel time before you can at long last, see the enduring beauty of the Great Island of Santa Cruz.

Traveling around the Philippines does not only entail the adventurous side of your active and colorful lifestyle. Above all, going around this eye-catching Third World country brings about a sense of belongingness to those heartwarming people in a concealed but gyrating vacation paradise like the Great Santa Cruz.


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