The sweet and delicious carbonated beverages which we have enjoyed for so many years might be less dangerous with the launching of the so-called Green Coke. This is under category of the Coke Life series. Under the said beverage, it has 1/3 less-sugar and fewer amounts calories. Initially, these beverages were introduced and Chile and Argentina.

Green Coke is said to be the healthiest soda today.

Green Coke is said to be the healthiest soda today.

Then, it will conquer Britain come September. As far as its ingredients are concerned, this soda does not make use of artificial sweeteners. Best of all, it contains the miraculous Stevia leaf. Scientifically, the latter is a natural sweetener and is being alluded to as the best sugar alternative. In case that you are aware of this interesting fact, a fresh Stevia leaf has been used for the company’s other beverages such as Sprite and a kind of vitamin water. Health wise, the ultimate secret of Green Coke is that it significantly aids in resolving the dilemma of obesity.

Green Coke has astounded millions of consumers who have always thought that sodas will never be as healthy as what we have discovered now.

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