Gretchen Baretto, a former “Sex Goddess of Philippine Cinema” took another noble role off the glaring lights of show business when she finally decided to bail out her sister’s ex-personal assistant from jail last week. Dessa Patilan, Claudine Baretto’s former personal aid was gravely accused of theft by the younger sister of Gretchen Baretto who allegedly claimed that Dessa had stolen almost Php 8.5 million which included some cash and jewelries. As a result, she was mercilessly detained for almost 10 months in Makati City Jail. Prior to her detention, she also filed a complaint against Claudine because the latter in the same manner had taken away her belongings and meager savings amounting to Php 13,500.

Former sultry siren Gretchen Baretto, bails out her sister's former personal aid last week.

Former sultry siren Gretchen Baretto, bails out her sister’s former personal aid last week.

Major Reason why Gretchen Baretto Bailed Her Out

Gretchen Baretto has time and again reiterated, that her personal and spiritual promptings have made her decide to do the “right thing” without hesitations or whatsoever. Thus, Gretchen Baretto always believed in the “Law of Karma” which states that every good deed has a corresponding blessing of abundance. Moreover, Attorney Alma Mallonga the legal counsel of the accused had said that they have tried their very best to make the bail be reduced to a certain amount but, it would be a tedious process to do.

In other related developments, Raymart Santiago the estranged husband of Claudine had served as a pivotal instrument in relation to the temporary freedom of Patilan. He bravely testified on her behalf by saying that the expensive watch of her former wife was actually not stolen. Actually, it was still in Claudine’s possession during the entire course of their rocky marriage.

Patilan Wants to End Her Life while in Jail

Based on the personal accounts of Dessa Patilan, she had come to a point wherein she wanted to kill herself because she was totally devastated. On her part her part, this was the best way to resolve her unbearable miseries in life; as well as the long and winding legal battle with Claudine. Gladly, her co-inmates served as her beloved “guardian angels”.

To wrap up today’s heartwarming Philippine entertainment article, Patilan is so much thankful to Gretchen Baretto. In deep appreciation, Dessa Patilan had tenderly uttered these words of love and gratitude. “Thanks to her. Although I am only like this, she gladly helped me out”. “I am very much thankful to her for bailing me out”.

Truly, Gretchen Baretto deserves a kind of commendation that no man can ever give. Only God knows the undeniable fact, that Gretchen Baretto has a golden heart despite of her remarkable stature in the intriguing world of Philippine Showbiz.

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