On the 11th season of Grey’s Anatomy, it opens up with a story wherein Meredith had surmised that her once happy marriage with Derek was on the verge of collapse. Surprisingly, she will be having a new baby that she was not totally aware of. On the 25th day of September, the said series on television had premiered with big blast as Christine Young left for good. Along this line of contention, Meredith had somehow suffered the same fate as he moved to DC without her loving husband Derek.

The Season 11 of Grey's Anatomy, features the marriage woes of Meredith

The Season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy, features the marriage woes of Meredith

Similarly, Hunt felt weary and devastated when Christine had turned her back on him. In other recent scenarios, Miranda and Alex had their own issues to settle such as open board seat. But, the most anticipated moment of all was Meredith’s meeting with her half-sister. Likewise, Christine Yang had suffered a post depression which has to be resolved as much as possible. In the recent episode, it can be deduced that each one of us has to be grateful for the love of someone who was in one way or the other close to you in that unforgettable chapter in your life. In the story, somebody needed a friend to get him out with his bitter predicament that he was suffering from. On the other side of the story, Webber made some dubious plans and Hunt did not accept the idea and eventually backed out from it. On the contrary, McDreamy gave it a try somehow.

Meanwhile, there were other revelations in the story that tend to be shocking no matter how you perceive it. Like for instance, there was a character in the story who asked for a date. However, Hunt has realized that it was too annoying and inappropriate. Now, a much more exciting scenario had taken place when Meredith met her half-sister. Her name was Maggie Pierce. When they met for the very first time, there were lots of questions on Maggie’s mind which made it very awkward for both of them. In essence, the 11th season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy had lots of twists and turns which makes it nice to watch. There is no doubt that viewers can learn so much from it from the beginning up to its concluding part. Therefore, it cannot be carelessly adjudged as another ordinary television series.

However, there were confusing stages in its storyline, Grey’s Anatomy never failed to excite millions of what’s going to happen next. The scripts were all well written as if every episode would be the last. In the succeeding episodes perhaps in the next season, Grey’s Anatomy would be even bolder like it was before.

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