Would you believe that the most expensive hotel package is amounting to $500,000 USD? You can say that it is outrageous or perhaps out of this world but such a package really exists. This unbelievable hotel package has been named “The Once In a Lifetime” package which is being offered this Valentine’s for the rich and famous lovers. The package includes a whopping $100,000 dollar shopping spree, a Maserati sports car which is a personalized one and jewelries composing of gold and diamonds amounting to $50,000. The hotel package is being offered by Canadian brand Sutton Place Hotels targeting wealthy couples who are in need of a sports car and a wardrobe makeover.

Valentines Day Hotel Package

Other amenities included in the package are as follows:

  1. A limo service
  2. A personal butler
  3. A bottle of Dom Pérignon and hors d’oeuvres wine
  4. Six-course meal in a private, candle-lit dining room
  5. Luxury breakfast in bed
  6. City tour on either Edmonton, Vancouver or Revelstoke via a helicopter
  7. Weekly deliveries of fresh flowers for a limited time
  8. Weekly couple’s massage for a limited time

What more can you ask for? Everything is already there for a romantic, stylish and luxury valentine’s hotel package.

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