The odd but fantabulous Hanging Crane in Belgium all began as a simple but brilliant idea almost six years ago when publicist David Ghysels and crane specialist Stefan Kerkhofs sat with 22 other people. They were magnificently surrounded by a chef and the said invention aims to lift everyone at an approximate of 180 feet into the air for a meal. Today, diners at the Sky Franchise have awesome tables which are carefully hanged in more than 40 countries. Amazingly, the remarkable Hanging Crane in Belgium gladly serves about 1,000 people each month.

The Hanging Crane in Belgium

These awed and thrilled diners seem to be having a great time while eating at the Hanging Crane in Belgium.

Overall, this is what you call a fusion of construction equipment with gourmet cooking. These two Belgian businessmen are elevating a haute cuisine. For Mr. Ghysels, it was just their diners’ tables which are hanging by a rope. He said he was surprised with the kind of entertainment and as to how this simple and imaginary concept had been providing superb service to their satisfied clientele the world over. They also discovered that tourists have definitely spent over $500 just to eat while they are safely strapped like babies in a car seat. Also, these dynamic duos are thinking of another extraordinary way of eating. Have you ever heard of an acrobatic kind of catering? This is one of their latest trends in the exquisite world of fine dining. Cocktails are being served by tightrope walkers.

Thus, finding some offshoots that can fly can be really tricky. A skyscraping-inspired marriage seemed to be a good one but it did not work well with those affluent Europeans, who can somehow spend around $15,000 for merely 20 guests alone. He really hopes that this idea will work with the Americans who are adventurous. Likewise, it can be a striking tourist attraction in India where it could serve a single and somehow totally impressive element of an extravagant and extended wedding ceremonies.

In here, some of the meals can somewhat be classified as nail biters because when the team swayed a musical duo to serenade a table nearby; diners are extremely elevated. Hence, the pianist can get scared as well because his bench might slip off the airborne stage, said Mr. Ghysels. Customers and clients who have experienced a so-called Dinner in the Sky said that the idea works best in locations with spectacular views. For expensive restaurants, the location is quite critical. Dinner in the Sky has run meals with splendid views of Rome, Sao Paulo and Sydney which will help a great deal when the uniqueness of elevated meals wears off. But, let’s hope and pray that it will not.

Now, what could possibly go wrong with this idea? After all, safety comes first. But despite of all those senseless arguments about it, to have an elevated dinner is still being patronized by people who want to experience a unique way of eating. This is once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy with a fancy meal in a super extremely dangerous situation with several strangers around. Then, there’s the splendid view that will make your experience more unforgettable and fulfilling. In essence, the price for eating in the incredible Hanging Crane in Belgium is really worth your money.

On the other hand, dining in a skyscraping location is a cool experience says Scott Kennedy. He is one of the owners of a sushi restaurant in Delray Beach. Though he stated that Delray Beach is not that appealing; during the night because you cannot see the ocean because it is too dark. Nevertheless, an ideal location is Las Vegas. This statement was seconded by the owners of Victoria’s Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. They said that it is exactly the major why they are opening a franchise diner in a few weeks time because Vegas is the best place to be. Now, eating meals while you are 180 feet into the air is fine but there were other questions which had been brought up like, How do you go to the bathroom? In response, going to the bathroom requires lowering the whole table which will take about 3 minutes. Good grief! That is why they are encouraging people to go to the bathroom first before they ever decide to dine here

Would you like to try and experience an unusual way of dining out? All you need to do is visit Brussels in Belgium and be a regular customer of the Hanging Crane in Belgium. Ooops! don’t forget to have your picture taken for a souvenir photo. Come, let us all dine there and touch the sky like we never did before.

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