Fashion icon, model and TV talk show host Heart Evangelista is very much candid in saying that her future altar date with current boyfriend Senator Francis Escudero III will be more memorable enough if her beloved parents will grace the said momentous occasion of her life. However, this would only be an elusive dream for her because until now there are still some irresolvable issues between them ever since she publicly admitted the real score as far as her lovelife is concerned. During her one-on-one interview with a leading TV network in the Philippines, the gorgeous Evangelista said that she will really try to get in touch with her parents in the soonest time possible. In brief, she said.

Actress and model Heart Evangelista will dearly expect her parents on her wedding date.

Actress and model Heart Evangelista will dearly expect her parents on her wedding date.

To be realistic, I have to be open also to the idea that maybe they won’t go. But with anyone that I was with of course I always thought that they were never going to go. I don’t expect much. But definitely, when the day comes, we will really try our best to talk to them.

Just the same, Heart Evangelista says that her altar date with the brilliant and articulate senator will be their very special day. As of now, he sees Senator Chiz Escudero as a man that she will have a happy ending with. Meanwhile, Heart was asked if the much anticipated wedding date will happen in 2015 she said that she refused to comment on the matter for it might be jinxed. She further said.

That very day is also for me. I have already found someone whom I can have a happy ending with.

Admittedly, Heart Evangelista says that she is very much in love with Senator Chiz Escudero. Thus, the said romantic feeling also goes for the charming legislator.

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