Heart Evangelista Reconciles with Parents

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The beauteous and sophisticated Heart Evangelista has nothing more to ask for, after God had finally answered her prayers for very long time. She is now extremely happy after her parents have come to terms with reality that she will get married soon to the man of her dreams, Senator Chiz Escudero. As we all know, the young Evangelista had a rift with her mom and dad because she had disobeyed them in the name of love. The Ongpauco’s then had pleaded to the good natured senator to stay away from their daughter because he was not a good example to their precious child.

Heart Evangelista and her parents reconciled.

Heart Evangelista and her parents reconciled.

Instead of parting ways, both Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero had firmly decided to fight for what they feel against all odds. Heart’s parents even accused the articulate lawmaker as an alleged alcoholic because there was a time that Escudero had visited his ladylove while he was a bit tipsy according to some reports. However, these negative comments about him never stopped Senator Escudero from loving his girlfriend even more. Best of all, he had patiently taught Heart that life is indeed beautiful and worth living. Now that they are already engaged, Heart Evangelista had won in her gamble in the complex game of love. In fact, her dad wished her nothing but her unceasing and blissful happiness with Senator Escudero.

In addition, Heart’s mother and sister had a picture together with the trendsetting actress. Along this line, what comes next for Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero? Well, it is not for us to predict. Only the Almighty God knows how life is going to treat them in the years to come. But, one thing is for sure. Heart Evangelista is going to have a fruitful marriage in the coming years.

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