Henry Sy is Philippines’ Top Billionaire

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The strong-willed and domineering business tycoon of SM Prime Holdings, Henry Sy remains to be undisputed as the Top Billionaire in the Philippines for several years now. In the latest issue of Forbes Asia, Sy landed on the top spot with an estimated total net worth of Php 12.7 billion in 2014. Next in line is Lucio Tan of Fortune Tobacco. On the third spot, it was capped by businessman Enrique Razon. His total net is Php 5.2 billion. Of course, his ultimate secret is purely hard work, perseverance, Feng Shui luck formulas and lots of prayer.

Filipino business tycoon is Forbes Asia's top billionaire.

Filipino business tycoon is Forbes Asia’s top billionaire.

Once in his fruitful lifetime, he has been dubbed as the Father of Retail Businesses in the Philippines. Although he is already in his twilight years, Sy remains to be on top of the situation insofar as managing his chains of malls are concerned. Henry Sy has lots of astonishing achievements such as the provision of scholarship grants to poor but deserving students. Above anything else, Sy advocates for a decent and a quality of life for his employees in all his malls nationwide. According to Henry Sy, his greatest achievement in life is being successful despite of all the adversities and challenges in life.

This truly noble and generous businessman has kept his feet on the ground notwithstanding his unceasing success ever since his simple shoe store in Carriedo which was uniquely named as Shoe Mart has become a household name for the shopping needs of Pinoys. During his struggling years, nobody has ever believed that he would make it big in the competitive business world. He continued to do everything within his disposal without retreating. At last, he is now on the top of the world for being Asia’s Top Billionaire. Would you want to be like him?

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