The mesmerizing spiritual divinity of faith healing is as vast as deep blue ocean, which is mysteriously concealed in the degree or extent of paranormal wisdom that is mainly based on the complexity of the Latin prayers used by a certain individual in resolving his or her dilemmas in life. Simply, there are many and varying misconceptions about Latin Prayers which have to be clearly clarified by the author of this very controversial article for the sake of two major premises. First, are these Latin Prayers indeed from God or from His worst nemesis? Second, should you use these incomprehensible orations in Latin every single day? Third, how effective are these in addressing the irresolvable problems of man?

In the picture below, there are inscribed Latin Prayers which are vague and yet so powerful based on the intriguing realms of esoteric knowledge.

In the picture below, there are inscribed Latin Prayers which are vague and yet so powerful based on the realms of esoteric knowledge.

Latin Prayers are commonly defined as those mumbled prayers which have different categories as: First and second and degrees, as well as the third and fourth degrees which are most likely applied in paranormal encounters with the dead and other types of entity which rightfully belong to the underworld. In the succeeding paragraphs, these mysterious paranormal issues are to be discussed fully well so as to guide all our readers on how to use these Latin Prayers with utmost secrecy and discernment to avoid further physical, psychological and spiritual destructions on their part while they are exploring and trying these enchanting Latin Prayers to achieve their desired objectives in the years ahead. Are you ready to learn more about these classifications of Latin Prayers? Read on.

Different Degrees of Latin Prayers

As previously mentioned, Latin Prayers have four salient degrees. To classify, below are their usages and samples which every beginner of paranormal explorations should take note of. In such cases, wherein you have mastered all of these degrees by heart please do take note of their exclusive applications and how to safely protect yourself while using these Latin Prayers the very moment you need them.

  1. First Degree
  2. -These are the highest forms of Latin Prayers. which are applied in Catholic Churches during the traditional Latin-celebrated Holy Masses, exorcism and blessing rites and in those situations wherein there are healing sessions that involve a face to face spiritual duel with the devil. Among the classic examples of these are the Saint Benedict’s Prayer, which has these inscriptions found at the back of the medallion. It writes. Crux Patri Sancti Benedicti, Vade Retro Satana Nunguam Suadeas Mihi Vana. In these modern days, the first degree of these amazing words from Above are suited for the recharging of spiritual energies concerning those paranormal practitioners who are engaged in the practice and honing of their extraordinary skills for a period of three to four months to the very least.

  3. Second Degree
  4. -When we speak of the second degree of Latin Prayer, this pertains to a divine word which is used in occultism, palm and tarot card reading, communication with the departed and lastly, those from the underground world. Effects wise, this second classification can make you dizzy, lethargic and uneasy if you do not know how to use them. Some examples of these are: Sator, Arepo, Rotas, Tenet Tenet. Thus, to avoid any untoward happening, just always be sure that you have a certified paranormal practitioner with you for your own guidance and enlightenment.

On the next issue of this perplex and mind blowing article, we will tackle about the third and fourth degrees of Latin Prayers and most especially, this very informative website will tell you all the other hidden secrets of Latin Prayers and how to use them without causing harm to others and to yourself.


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