Have you ever dreamed about getting married to the man of your dreams in the beauteous wonderland of Tagaytay City? Well, if you want to have an intimate and a memorable moment of fun and nostalgia why don’t you try to have a grandiose wedding venue at Hillcreek Gardens in Tagaytay? This is a privately-owned piece of land which actually measures 3.2 hectares, on a huge and bountiful coffee plantation. Since its profound conception, these beautiful orchards were meticulously fashioned in order to allow most of the travelers to get away from the busy and too tedious rudiments of city life. In case you did not know, the owners of this real estate property had opened this place for booking when it had started to make waves as a tourist attraction and a truly luxurious wedding destination; for the most elite and trendsetting couples in the Philippines and across the globe.

Your altar date will be the most memorable one at Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay.

Your altar date will be the most memorable one at Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay.

In fact, one of the most charismatic features of this particular wedding venue is the availability of diverse and rare tropical flowers and plants which abundantly grow on well-maintained orchards the whole year round. Generally, these are one of the most affordable wedding reception venues in the Philippines today. Likewise, it has lots of wedding packages for you to choose from to aptly suit your every wedding need and budget. Read on the subsequent sections to know more in a gist.

Wedding Packages

At Hillcreek Gardens, there are many and yet inexpensive wedding parcels for each Filipino couple who are earnestly searching for a kind of luxury and an indulging post- wedding ceremony experience that is truly rewarding and convenient at the same time. First in the list is Small Wedding Package which is being held at the Anahaw House is divided into two selections. These are the reception buffets for 50 and 70 persons, only. Characteristically, the first one will cost you around Php 107,650 while the other buffet will let you shell out an amount of Php 123,510. In addition, its buffet menu is so much affordable at Php 600/person. The 2012 Small Wedding Package is comprised of appetizers like: Crunchy nachos with a delicious dip of Mexican salsa and onion garlic breadsticks. Likewise, it includes soup dishes with two aromatic and flavorful varieties. These can be any of the following: Cream of mushroom soup with delectable crab meat, a creamy serving of mushroom soup with the most exotic shrimp’s meat and the same kind of soap with an irresistible lobster meat.

Reception venue at Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay City.

Reception venue at Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay City.

Next in line is the Premium Wedding Package. The total cash price of this nuptial parcel is from Php 214,300 to Php 264,200. In this respect, this package is comprised of appetizers, the main course, desserts and the use of the innovative and world-class venue amenities such as the Hillcreek Garden, the Gazebo Garden, a free usage of those aforementioned orchards for photo ops, whole day usage of the fully-air conditioned bridal suite and the use of their standard lights and sounds package during the wedding reception. Lastly, is the Basic Love Package. In this type of wedding reception parcel, every couple should be prepared to mutually share the amount of Php 183,800 and as high as Php 218,450; depending on the number of your invited guests. For its buffet, your family and friends can enjoy the Hill creek’s appetizers main dishes and delicious desserts that they have not tasted before. Similarly, the couple will be given the special privilege to occupy and make use of the Hillcreek Gardens, the free of charge use of the air conditioned bridal suite even just for a day.

Wedding receptions are the social and most intimate rendezvous of a couple who treats their wedding day as something that is priceless, which colorfully signify beds of roses that will eternally last forever for years. Come and celebrate your new journey together at Hillcreek Gardens in Tagaytay and be mesmerized all over again.


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