The entire Philippine nation was again so blessed when a very humble apostle of God. arrived at exactly 5:45 Villamor Airbase as millions of people across the Pearl of the Orient patiently waited for this very joyful and enchanting servant of the Almighty Father who is nonetheless Pope Francis himself. He was really such a wonderful and noble man from the way throngs of people have known him ever since he was unanimously chosen by the Vatican to deservingly succeed Pope Benedict the XVI. His visit to the Philippines has indeed made the Filipinos one in Faith and ideals once more despite of all the challenges and the hardships that they have gone through most specially in the province of Tacloban, where thousands of people had innocently died due to the devastating of aftermath of typhoon Yolanda. Here are some of the salient highlights of his extremely unforgettable visit to the Philippines. Read on.

Pope Francis visits the Philippines.

Pope Francis visits the Philippines.

Highlights of Pope Francis Visit to the Philippines

Pope Francis last stop was in Sri Lanka, prior to his much awaited papal visit to the Philippines. In the said country, he delivered a message about reconciliation, peace and spiritual healing among its people after a longstanding war in a once tranquil nation.dreams and aspirations never ended through the years. After which, he gladly went to a beautiful and most revered Buddhist Temple. He was warmly welcomed by those Buddhist monks who had strongly withstood the test of time with respect to the nurturance of their Faith without reservations. Going back, Pope Francis quietly entered the said lavish temple barefooted. Meanwhile, His Holiness visit to Sri Lanka was highlighted by the canonization of Joseph Vaz. He held a Holy Mass at Galle Face Green, before the teary-eyed canonization of Sri Lanka’s first ever saint. In his homily, the Pope said.

Religious freedom is a fundamental human right. Each individual must be free, alone or in association with others, to seek the truth, and to openly express his or her religious convictions, free from intimidation and external compulsion.

He traveled from one village to another to spread God’s love, mercy and peace. This endearing act of the Pontiff only showed that we are truly one in the bosom of God. Before he finally arrived in the Philippines, there were hundreds of students who sincerely practiced their dance number in all perfection. As his Sri Lankan flight carrier had finally touched down, the most loved Pope of the New Generation quickly peeped from his airplane’s window. Millions of people had gaily greeted him from all the major routes that he would pass by. At last, the plane’s main door was finally opened. When he came down from it, he was welcomed by the Philippine Air Force cadets, selected bishops, archbishops and cardinals headed Cardinal Tagle. Interestingly, there were two lucky children who tenderly offered him flowers, as signs of their endless love for the Holy Seer. Watch this short video clip of Pope Francis’ arrival to the Philippines.

Of course, President Benigno Aquino III headed the the Philippine delegation in welcoming the Pope Francis to the Philippines. Afterwards, the Pope went to Kalayaan Hall and then immediately proceeded to his fully opened and non-bulletproof pope mobile. When he carefully rode the innovative he began to bless the those Filipinos who passionately demonstrated their fervent love and respect for the People’s Pope.

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