The pillars and formidable foundations of Philippine democracy have gloriously marked the end of an abusive dictatorial regime, which has made this country to have those vicious and bitter cycles of corruption, unceasing economic blunders and the hungry pangs of poverty which somehow characterized this helpless nation as another India in the making. A million thanks to those men in uniform who have unconditionally risked their lives for a worthy and noble advocacy of expediting the cause of freedom and democracy, without any reciprocated agenda or whatsoever. Historically, EDSA Revolution paved the way for the regeneration of a more domineering socio-economic headstarts which will never lose track of its countless economic and political measures that will further benefit the poorest of the poor in an optimistic kind of society. From then on, millions of Filipinos have their own share of doable expectations from those in authority until they are able to successfully accomplish their selfless missions in providing a quality kind of life for those who believed and unfairly asserted, that nothing will change in terms of the worsening economic landscapes in the Philippines. Thus, it has totally gone in oblivion.

Where is the burning torch of Philippine freedom nowadays?

Where is the burning torch of Philippine freedom nowadays?

As I was thinking what to write for the pleasurable interests of our avid readers, I decided to pen about one of the most memorable historical events in the Philippines. It was about EDSA Revolution, which was the first-ever bloodless uprising in today’s modern world. Based on my critical and keen analysis, the so-called EDSA Revolution has lost its heavenly and magical charisma because it was consciously marred with selfish political ambitions which resulted to the untimely death of democratic sovereignty that was beamingly handed down to us by our heroic soldiers and gallant members of the clergy. Likewise, the magnetic force of EDSA Revolution has slowly weakened because those institutional and economic reforms for those struggling Pinoys have never been fulfilled at all. Today, millions are still jobless and economically deprived of a brighter and better tomorrow. Although, the government has gladly reiterated that this nation is the next “Economic Tiger of Asia”, in the next five years.

Currently, the notable historical fame of EDSA Revolution has sarcastically transformed into a circus of grandstanding among our lawmakers who are supposed to create laws that will set us free from the bondage of extreme poverty and guilt. There is no more unity among our elected leaders in relation to bureaucratic implementations and the likes. Along this line, should there be another EDSA Revolution that will genuinely provide the basic needs of the “Masang Pinoy” and their children in the years to come? Only time can tell.

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