History of Girl Scout Cookies

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The widely popular Girl Scout Cookies are truly part of the American cultural heritage since time immemorial. As such, the manufacturers of these irresistible and lip-smacking baked goodies are continuously making their products to become even more than classical favorites to the world over.

On a lighter note, many still wonder about the early beginnings of Girl Scout Cookies. For sure, this humble writing will inspire baking enthusiasts to come up with sumptuous snacks that can make their hobbies a future business venture in the coming years. Well, let the history of Girl Scout Cookies, a healthy snack alternative unfold before your very eyes as we travel back in time as to how it all started; before catapulting fame with unprecedented product sales.

Early Years of Girl Scout Cookies

Historically, Girl Scout cookies were initially sold to the general public by the Girl Scouts of the USA. This formidable organization otherwise known as the GSUSA, is the major benefactor for a fund raising project specifically meant for the benefit of the local Scouts assemblage. As part of their motivational approach, the cheerful, friendly and hardworking girls of the GSUSA, were generously rewarded for their unrelenting efforts in making these cookies world renowned, right after its much thought about inception in the business world. In the year 2007, the Girl Scout Cookies had unbelievably reached an overwhelming sales figure of 200 million boxes in a year.

To date, the first ever barter of these delightful and well-loved snacks were first sold by a single entity of the Scout unit known to be as the “Mistletoe Troop of Muskogee, Oklahoma in the cold and shivering year of December, 1917. As the years passed by, the “American Girl” (the Girl Scout official magazine}, had come up with a phenomenal market strategy and unique business approach to use the Girl Scout Cookies for a worthy and charitable cause. Likewise, the mag had proposed that delicious recipes of these nutritious snacks must be integral parts to further their charitable advocacy.

Officially, the preternatural cookies of the Girl Scouts were up for sale in Philadelphia sometime in 1933. This time, the luscious tastes of these fantastic biscuits were being retailed at the windows of utility firms. As the snack variety became a word of mouth spreading like wild fire, have you ever wondered about the first ever cookie assortments which were captivatingly sold since they have gone places? Well, it is no other than but the “sugar coated cookies”.

Just like any business, the Girl Scout cookies had also experienced its ups and downs. This unfortunate but challenging event transpired when World War II broke out, like a thief in the night. Consequently, the ingenuity of the Girl Scouts never came to pass. In fact, they had retailed their nourishing and delectable cookies along with attractive and colorful calendars; to their well-loved and loyal consumers. The very reason for this promotional gimmickry is simply due to an effulgent idea of immediately addressing the escalating shortages in sugar, butter and flour.

In the year 1942, these dainty cookies were colorfully packed containing 48 cookies in each coffer. Thus, the customer’s purchase were limited to an approximate of two boxes per head. Nevertheless, the nicest thing about the people behind the success of these cookies was their members were given the task of gathering fat cans to help in war efforts and to sell War Bonds at no extra cost.

The Girl Scout Cookies’ prelude to the business and economic world is really something to be commended for. Their remarkable efforts, gallant willpower to continue their altruistic works for others are only some of the many endearing ways to let the whole world know that they can also be alluded to as food for the destitute and hungry souls of Mother Earth.


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