The interesting fashion sense of Southwest Florida will be evidently stirred with so much glamour and charm ,as the world famous H&M grandiosely opened its doors to its new set of clients last December 1, 2014. You can now freely visit them inside the premises of Mall at University Town Center during business hours. To describe, H&M has made their business even more invigorating by building a multi-million dollar two-storey store with lots of fashionable items to choose from at very affordable prices. Specifically, it is at Dillard’s wing.

The world renowned H&M opened in South Florida last December 1, 2014.

The world renowned H&M opened in South Florida last December 1, 2014.

During their grand opening salvo, they had given away lots of freebies and other exciting items to entice their newest batch of customers in Southwest Florida ,as if their firm is a neophyte in the dynamic and integrating arena of fashion and the basics of a trendy lifestyle. Next year, they will open their second store in the same territory with so much desire and intensity to make it happen as far as their business philosophies and economic desires are to be taken into consideration. Indeed, the iconic duo of Hennes & Mauritz AB, who are both too goal driven to succeed will definitely boost their way up to the ladder of unprecedented success in Southwest Florida in the next few years. Of course, the likes of popular celebrities like Madonna and Lady Gaga will casually drop by to this newest baby of these Swedish business retailers who had dynamically transformed their wildest dreams into sweet realities which have remained honest and sincere in all their economic and commercial preponderance without much noise.

In retrospect, H5M was originally established in the year 1947 by Persson’s grandfather, Erling Persson. It all began as an elegantly constructed fashion store for women. During the said momentous occasion, a big fan of this prestigious fashion giant had said in all excitement.

When my girls were little I used to buy a lot of clothes for them there and they were adorable.

Prior to their first branch in the southwestern section of Florida, there were already several chains of stores which had been employed as fascinating integrals to work toward the not so elusive goal of being a timeless image of fashion with utmost perfection and convenience. Among their illustrious H&M branches were as follows: West Palm, Orlando and Tampa respectively. As part of their phenomenal success stories, it never failed to make their hot and trendy items too affordable to aptly suit the budget concerns of meticulous consumers the world over. Imagine? You can buy a beautiful shirt for as low as $5 each. Truly, there’s nothing more like it than H&M.

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