Hollywood-Style Studios Soon to Rise in Bulacan

| May 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

Have you ever seen some grandiose Hollywood-style studios in the Philippines? Well, if you have not, all you need to do is to wait for its official construction to be funded by ABS-CBN Corporation. According to reliable sources, the total estimated cost of these state-of-the-art innovations is at Php 600 million. Moreover, the chief financial officer of Kapamilya in the person of Rolando P. Valdueza, has said the initial phase of this colossal transaction will start on a 15-hectare land in Bulacan. Hopefully, by next year it will be fully -functional. As far as the total expenditures are concerned, each one of these studios will cost them around Php 250 million to 300 million.

ABS-CBN Corporation will soon have its Hollywood-style studios in Bulacan.

ABS-CBN Corporation will soon have its Hollywood-style studios in Bulacan.

Actually, the TV network will initially have two Hollywood-style studios. In the next few years, there would be eight Hollywood-patterned studios until such time that these are all harmoniously connected to one another. As far as its primary advantages are concerned, these Hollywood-style studios will help them in saving so much money from shooting location cost and other expenses.

To wrap up, these Hollywood-style studios will be another first in the television industry of the Philippines that will definitely boost up its popularity even more across the globe.

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