Holy Rosary Church in Boracay: Glimpse of High Heavens

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The ever-splendid Boracay Island is more than just a unique vacation paradise for millions of tourists and locals around the world. Boracay Island’s beauty and grandeur is magnificently magnified by its one and only spiritual sanctuary which is humbly named as the Holy Rosary Church in Boracay. It can be easily found in the said expressive and alluring territorial jurisdiction, because this ancient church is strategically located along the highway and near a plaza. Surely, you will never lose your way if you want to visit the impeccable grandiosity of the famed Holy Rosary Church. Your landmark will be a fully- equipped basketball court and its route runs parallel to its white beaches.

Holy Rosary Church in Boracay.

Holy Rosary Church in Boracay.

As far as its inherent simplicity is to be regarded, the church has only a few of its salient features such as its huge beams, stained glass windows and an elegantly made statue of Saint Joseph. Furthermore, in one section of the main altar is a beautiful and merciful image of the Blessed Virgin which carries her beloved Son. At the main altar itself, the wedding entourage will have a chance to commune with Christ in the most special way because of the captivating image of the crucified Christ that is hanged on the sturdy wall. On its church ceilings are church bell- like chandeliers which seemed to be a part of Boracay’s rich history since it was discovered.

A wedding ceremony at the Holy Rosary Church in Boracay.

A wedding ceremony at the Holy Rosary Church in Boracay.

At the main facade of this most revered church in the captivating island of Boracay, there you will find a huge statue of Dr. Jose Rizal. Although this spectacular landmark is so mystifying in general, it further added an timeless rendezvous between the ever-evolving culture of the Filipinos and their unwavering spirituality as a whole. In the interior parameters of the church, you can just commune with Mother Nature after the Holy Mass. Simply because, there are numerous and shady trees which are all fully grown over the years. Moreover, its roof has been artistically crafted with a replica of Christ with a dove on top of His head that is symbolic of the Holy Spirit in the Bible. To top it all, this House of God is artistically crafted with the most lovable mosaic façade which provides a clear impression that there is no such thing as creativity limitations when it comes to artistic excellence. Of course, the entire architectural design and framework of the Holy Rosary Church has been perfectly combined with the joyous and celebratory atmosphere of Boracay.

Getting There

If you want to visit the famed Holy Rosary Church, you and your family can travel either by plane or sea. For plane travelers, the needed airfare for your trip to Boracay is around Php 3,000. But, if you want a much cheaper fare you might as well settle for a bus ride from Kalibo to Caticlan to be able to reach your final destination.

Finally, Boracay Island can be categorically alluded to as the Grandiose Spiritual Labyrinth of Jetsetting Travelers across the globe.

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