The Season 4 rerun of Homeland is getting more interesting, as heart pounding chases happened at the backdoor of Middle East,alongside with Saul, Quinn and Carrie. In essence, the all-star gang is here once again to provide you with a kind of viewing pleasure like no other. To refresh one’s mind, the endearing and climactic conclusion of Season 3, had involved the death of Brody who had left behind Carrie and their newborn baby. In the newest season of Homeland.

The Season 4 premiere of Homeland is one of the best series ever created this year.

The Season 4 premiere of Homeland is one of the best series ever created this year.

Along this juncture, Carrie who was in Afghanistan has ordered a strike in a rural farmhouse in Pakistan. Further, Sandy Bachman had an insider’s tip that a crook was inside the farmhouse. As its intriguing storyline goes deeper and deeper, there were numerous Homeland spoilers that you do have to watch out for in its next episodes. In its recent season, they had blown up 40 civilians who were attending the a simple wedding ceremony. Thus, they were setting up a political sandstorm and local protests to perhaps plan the bitter end of Corey Stroll. As far as the other developments in this phenomenal series was concerned, Aayan Ibrahim had luckily survived the life-threatening bombing.

Descriptively, he used to project him-self as a good guy but he had kept a dark secret that could literally change his life forever. Perhaps, he could play a Double Penetration Agent for Carrie but the fulfillment of this prognosis is very much dependent on fate and destiny. Going back to Carrie, the Season 4 of Homeland had tackled about the bipolar disorder of her daughter. As the series progresses, this scenario might seem to have an after effect on her life. As a result, she wanted to be isolated from her kid forever. At the funeral of Bachman, there were three pertinent characters in this serialized work of art who will play pivotal roles that will definitely change the course of the storyline in the upcoming episodes of this phenomenal TV project. These were as follows: Carrie, Saul Brenson and Mandy Patinkin respectively.

The said reunion of these best buddies was clear hint that they will again establish a good working relationship. Meanwhile, the jerky CIA director in this very intriguing TV series had committed an unlawful act of treason that Carrie was very much aware of. On the contrary, Saul never wanted to work in a private security company due to some inevitable circumstances. Nevertheless, Carrie will undoubtedly need his assistance when she gets back from Pakistan. This time, she will be assuming a new post as a station chief.

Among the much anticipated happenings in this season is the fact that Saul’s marriage would be on the rocks. Mira might also be placed on the sidelines as long as Carrie and Saul are still together. Apart from this, the viewers are expected to watch a more revealing Homeland in its succeeding chapters.

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