The much awaited finale of a local TV drama series in the Philippines, entitled “Honesto” will air its tearjerking telecast for tonight as Honesto will try to change the lives of his loved ones to do away with their wicked ways. In review, the heartwarming drama TV series which sincerely advocates the importance of honesty in this thing called “Life” has made its story plot more exciting as the main protagonist had already tearfully discovered his real identity by meeting his biological father Diego, as portrayed by Paulo Avelinoo. On the contrary, Hugo Layer in the final stretch of “Honesto” becomes irrationally greedy and self-centered. This particular character in this very inspiring serialized drama anthology on ABS-CBN Channel 2 is being played by veteran character actor, Joel Torre.

"Honesto", a heartwarming teleserye on ABS-CBN 2 airs its final telecast tonight

“Honesto”, a heartwarming teleserye on ABS-CBN 2 airs its final telecast tonight

As “Honesto” culminates tonight, millions will get glued on their seats while they all eagerly await for these adrenalin-pumping denouements to unfold right before their very eyes. Firstly, how could it be possible for Diego to have a happy family life with Honesto when his very own flesh and blood is ruining his long and winding route towards this elusive dream and goal of his? Above all, will the truthful and angelic Honesto be able to touch the heart of Hugo to make him a better person just like before?

Watch out for these breathtaking conclusions of “Honesto”, and see for yourselves how the sacred virtue of honesty can make your lives be filled with so much happiness and unexpected blessings from the One up There.

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