Lung cancer exempts no one. In fact, it has killed millions across the world even though a percentage of it is classified as non-smokers or those individuals who are religiously practicing a clean and healthy lifestyle. In the Philippines, there is one dynamic and a fierce senator who is known as Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. She openly admitted without fear, that she is suffering from a terminal case of lung cancer. Despite of her life-threatening condition, she continues to do her job as a lawmaker who firmly adheres to her principles and ideals of having a graft-free country no matter what it takes to finally do away with it st all cost. But, if she will only be able to read this very incredible and astonishing health article, she will be definitely surprised by this shocking news item that both honey and herbs had miraculously freed a man from the bondage of lung cancer.

This well-blended infusion of honey and ginger freed a man from lung cancer.

This well-blended infusion of honey and ginger freed a man from lung cancer.

Looking back, it was exactly 13 years ago when Ante Kresich was told by doctors that this person’s lung cancer has finally reached its terminal stage they can no longer do anything at their disposal to save his life. But God’s miraculous hand and Divine wisdom have shown him the way on how live longer by being totally-cancer-free all his life. According to verified reports, his ultimate weapon to
bravely overcome his debilitating medial condition are nonetheless the remarkable combinations of honey and herbs. In his own words, he said.

I left the hospital in April, and in the summer I was already a completely different man. When I went to consult my doctors they could not believe that I was still alive, and also they could [not believe] the results of the examinations that followed.

His medical examinations had stunningly shown that he was completely cancer-free. Some say that if anyone would ever to get to meet Ante Kresich he or she might not believe that he almost died because of cancer. Currently, this lucky man is oozing with so much energy and vitality just like in his younger days. His secret formula of honey and herbs, has made him a resource speaker in his own right by sharing his one for the books story of this greatest cancer buster of all time. In fact, there are doctors and other health practitioners in our midst who are more than interested to know more about the undisputed potency of honey and herbs. Best of all, he is now a certified beekeeper.

Historically, honey had become a famous form of alternative medicine. This was evidently shown by those Stone Age cave paintings which was about 8,000 years ago. In truth, the holistic field of Ayurvedic medicine has undoubtedly proven that a raw honey in particular possesses those unique healing properties. Therefore, it is widely known as the Nectar of Life. In these modern times, a December 2004 BBC article has reported that honey could help fight cancer. Meanwhile, a team of brilliant and persevering experts from the University of Zagreb in Croatia, have significantly found out that a mixture honey was able to stop cancerous tumors from its alarming capability to multiply. It was first tested on some mice. Truly, Mother Nature’s health wonders are far beyond the realms of science of which man can never clearly explain until now.

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