Do you think that honey bees are just for making honey? Well think again! In a recent research performed by young Croatian scientists, honey bees have the ability to locate the scent of substances. Not only they good for making the sweetest honey in town but are also being trained and taught on how to find land mines that are buried beneath the grounds of Croatia around the Balkans. In July 1, 2013, Croatia and European Union have started working together to clear a 750 square kilometers of land filled with live landmines. Part of their initiative is to utilize honey bees to locate these deadly explosives.

Nikola Kezic, a lady professor from Zagreb university, along with a group of researchers have done experiments with a colony of honey bees that were placed in a grass field with acacia trees. In their scientific study, Professor Kezic had drafted an amazing scientific outline which will further explore and explain the innate wisdom and talent of honey bees in detecting land mines.

Honey Bees used to detect landmines

Conclusively, the remarkable research had revealed an unbelievable scientific fact. Honey bees are endowed with a diverse and one-of-a-kind olfactory sense that can accurately detect the tricky scent of hidden explosives. As a result, these intelligent bees are provided with food that is mixed with the life-threatening aroma of TNT. Moreover, Professor Kezic had commented that if these self-reliant insects would be able to find the target in a breeze her team will feel very satisfied with the outcome of this scientific feat.

Prior to this study, Croatian authorities had estimated that about 2,500 innocent lives were lost since the onset of Balkan Wars in 1991. During the said war which lasted for almost for years, there were roughly 90,000 land mines which were built in the territorial boundaries of Croatia. Now, with this new discovery, more lives can be saved.


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