Hot Pockets, the ultimate food sensation of millions from world over has suffered a major setback when it was recalled from some markets due to “sanitation issues”. This was the immediate and stern action of the US Department of Agriculture last Monday. The Food and Sanitation Department of California, through the directive of USAD has suspended the operations of the Central Valley Meat Co., after it had been found out that there are sections inside the factory which can be described as totally “degrading and disgusting”. However, the said ban was swiftly lifted by the US Agriculture Department after the firm has complied to the sanitation requisites of USAD.

The sensational food favorite of millions "Hot Pocket", was recalled from markets due to sanitation issues.

The sensational food favorite of millions “Hot Pocket”, was recalled from markets due to sanitation issues.

Over the years, the Central Valley Meat Co. is the official supplier of beef products to be used for the nutrition programs of federal schools. To date, the one and only manufacturer of Hot Pockets has adequately supplied 21 million pounds of beefs to its loyal clients across the globe.

In another development, Nestle USA has decided to pull out two delicious varieties of Hot Pockets because these products might somehow contain some meat. These two phenomenal brands of Hot Pockets are the Philly Steak and Cheese Hot Pockets, respectively.

Hot Pockets should always maintain the health and safety standards which are duly required by US health laws, in order to provide the best quality of beef products that made them what they are now.

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