Today, the Filipino people is looking forward for the 29th year of the historic EDSA Revolution that toppled an ailing dictator for hundreds of thousands who had become the defenseless victims of Martial Law which was declared on the 21st day of September in 1972. This blog does not have the the right to judge anyone in particular most specially the post Philippine presidents after the so-called Philippine democracy had been momentously restored. It’s just that we all wanted to know how priceless freedom is? Yes, freedom and national sovereignty are not too easy to achieve when everyone seems to be preoccupied with vested interests and self-serving ambitions. A year from now, a new Philippine president would be again elected with a shimmering hope that this country would really become one of the best Economic Tigers in Asia.

EDSA Revolution.

EDSA Revolution.

With an objective frame of mind; somewhere, somehow freedom can be rightfully equated as a lasting legacy which sheds the bittersweet taste of blood and tears in attaining an electoral process that magnifies fairness and honesty without reservations. Given this scenario, sovereignty is further exercised. However, when a new and a more promising Chief Executive is elected the fearful ghosts of graft and corruption which haunts the whole government institution is being endlessly tainted. Likewise, there are other external forces who never gets tired of looking for some of those irreparable loopholes which tend to rock the new political stewardship very soon. In lieu of this, the immeasurable price of freedom is nowhere to be found in this once helpless Philippine archipelago.

On the other side of the story, the Mamasapano issue looks like there is no closure as from where the final orders came from to launch a dubious attack on the Most Wanted Terrorists of Asia. In effect, each camp did not gain anything because revenge and terrorism are haunting the serenity of Mindanao. Therefore, the torch of freedom is nowhere to be found in Mindanao. Along this juncture, where are the historic milestones of the 1986 People Power Revolution? Perhaps, it’s totally lost in oblivion after the Fallen 44 had terrifyingly died like those enslaved creatures who had been robbed with their own souls and an unperturbed human dignity. Until all these questions have been answered with honor and sincerity, Mindanao’s sovereignty will still be far from over.

Overall, to be free exemplifies the ability to translate social progress with a sound viability in particular for those Filipinos who are still living below the poverty line. Needless to say, the Filipinos and its duly-elected government must always remember that the catalytic power and mechanism of EDSA Revolution must constantly serve as an undying inspiration to be able to institutionalize social reforms without partiality and ulterior motives.

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